A Twitter Book Pitch: Daunting or Fun?

RomanceWeeklyRomance Writer Weekly authors are sharing a Twitter pitch for most their most recent releases or work in process.  Daunting or Fun?

Readers probably aren’t aware, but authors “sell” their book or idea for a novel to a publisher, editor or agent using a sentence or two. It’s kinda like the descriptions you see about a movie on the cable guide screen.

For me, writing a pitch is akin to having a root canal. Nerve wracking and you never know if it will be a success. What one person might love, another will give you a blank stare. Here it goes for my most recent release, Hot as Blazes.

Jo_HABA disgraced surfer redeems herself as a  and falls for one of her crew, but will her ex seek payback for sending him to prison?

Please check out Betty Bolte’s pitch who follows me on the hop. And if you haven’t If you haven’t already visited Xio Axelrod, go back and catch her post.

Hot as Blazes: At the Station

WWWHot as Blazes: At the Station. On this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors, I’m continuing this week with a snippet from my newest release Hot as Blazes.

After some trouble in California, Jo Mercer’s pro surfing career has tanked. She has just arrived home at the oceanfront beach house where she grew up and runs into her brother’s best friend – her secret crush. Ray is blown away by her unannounced return, but couldn’t be happier. In last week’s snippet, Rays just left their by chance reunion on his way to a partial shift at the fire station.

He’d fallen in love with her years ago. She never had a clue, but with her talent for surfing, she was bound for bigger things than him.

He wound the Hummer into Station Twenty-One’s lot at the south end of the beach, a newer facility than his home station. He’d worked a few swing shifts with each of their rotating crews. Beyond the high-adrenaline nature of the job, the brotherhood and camaraderie filled a void in his life. Ray swung through the kitchen door where the crew had gathered for lunch.

“That’s quite a grin you’re sporting,” the captain said. “You rarely see
a happy expression on anyone coming in on his day off.”

“Must’ve got laid,” another firefighter teased, “looks like he just

Hope you enjoyed this week’s excerpt and will check out the many talented authors on the blog hop. Weekend Writing Warriors.

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Hope you enjoyed this snippet and will visit other amazing Weekend Writing Warriors posts for #8Sunday.

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