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This week on Romance Weekly, Betty Bolte  says our surroundings influence our mood and view of the world as much as setting in any story. What is the view outside our window, or what would we like the view to be?

The last two winters have been unusually snowy for southeastern VA. Hoping for a warming trend this coming winter.

Beyond my suburban window is  a large lawn with evergreen and dogwood trees.  I wouldn’t be happy as a city dweller and although I’d love to live in the country, I’m spoiled by the convenience of the grocery store.

The view from my house is nice, but I’d love to win the lotteryCoquina_1 and have coffee in the mornings gazing out at the ocean.  Then again if I won the lottery, I’d be able see many views via a fancy RV!

Have a great Thanksgiving! Hope you  already visited Kristi Rose  and will now hop on over to Leslie Hachtel.

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Weekend Writing Warriors – A Christmas Short – Excerpt 3

Weekend Warrior WritersToday is the third installment of a Christmas short I’m writing for Weekend Writing WarriorsFor previous excerpt.

Icicle lights illuminated the expansive liquor display.  A bartender in a crisp white shirt and black vest nodded and spun a red napkin on the bar in front of Jake.

Whiskey“Double bourbon on the rocks.” He slid his Real Tree jacket onto the back of the chair, pleased the guy read his taciturn mood, then checked the time and Ducks Unlimited Facebook page for the list of items being auctioned. Living a Spartan life style during deployment and coming home to an empty apartment had him seeking old comforts like a dog and gun. No dogs for sale, only a gun.

You going to the auction?” a woman asked sliding onto the chair next to him.

Guess the hunting jacket was a dead giveaway. He slammed back the bourbon that had landed in front of him and turned toward her.

JaceDani_HotAsBlazesCheck back next week as this Christmas short continues. FYI my current release, Hot as Blazes is on sale at All Romance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo for $.99.  Feel the heat ;)

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