Romance Writers Weekly – “How much of yourself do you lend to your characters?”

RomanceWeeklyThis week on Romance Writers Weekly, Xio Axelrod wants to know: Readers always ask “How much of yourself do you lend to your characters?” Here’s your chance to answer. What traits do your characters have that come from you? And if not you, someone in your life.

Writing is an extension of me. So I’d have to say traits of my characters are either a part of me or something I’ve witnessed through real life, literature, TV or movie.  I wonder to what extent all writers are affected by these mediums, and now add to that social media.

I write about everyday heroines, bartenders, firefighters, teachers, etc. I’m not fashionista and can’t walk in stilettos, so I’m not comfortable writing about a herione who is a devil or angel in Prada so to speak. The ladies I write, however, are a lot more daring than I’ve ever been in the flesh. I write them with to guts I wish I had. However, they have a sharp tongue and potty mouth and that is totally from me.

With heroes, I use traits I’m attracted to in men, but still most have a bit of bad boy in them. Even Ray from Hot as Blazes, who is a gentle giant, has a naughty side.

I don’t knowingly write about people from my life. Nor do I plan to get even with someone or kill them off. That’s giving someone too much free rent space in my head and I write for enjoyment.

Let’s step on over to A.S. Fenichel‘s blog and see how much of herself she writes into her characters.




Xio Axelrod

Weekend Writing Warriors – Look back or not

WWWshadeToday on Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday, I’m sharing eight sentences from my untitled contemporary romance. While hibernating the winter in a beach house Josh is being paid to remodel, the former K9 handler is befriended by a service puppy in training. Last week, Josh was jogging along the beach when a black puppy rushes him. He immediately gets the dog to sit. We’re still in Tori’s point of view, the dog’s owner.

“You’ve trained dogs?” she asked as he pet Sky.

He ran his teeth along his bottom lip. “Used to, now I do renovations,” he said glancing  back to one of the large oceanfront houses.

“Probably see you around then,” she said with a smile. “I work at the home improvement center on the bypass.” With a wave, she started for home with Sky trotting along, fur rippling in the wind.

Look back or not, Tori tossed her hair over her shoulder and gave a nonchalant peek.

Sharp gray eyes studied her then with a tilt of his head he turned and returned to his run.

Hope you enjoyed this snippet. Now its time to check out the other amazing authors at Weekend Writing Warriors.

Romance on the beach


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