Will Shane’s lost love return?

Weekend Warrior Writers

Today’s eight sentence excerpt is from my current release, White Doe, an erotic paranormal set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The story begins with Shane, a shape-shifting hawk learning of his great-grandfather’s death.

Shane Cheveyo gunned his Harley onto the highway as Outer Banks Hospital slowly vanished in the bike’s mirror. Usually, he loved roaring down the road on his Fatboy, but today nothing could dispel his angst.

The finality of his great-grandfather’s sudden death weighed heavily on his chest. He was more alone now than ever. His Native American heritage believed Jasper’s warrior spirit would live on, but that didn’t lessen the stabbing grief Shane held for the man who had called him son. The man who had known Shane for who and what he is.

Sorrow had his mind wandering to the only other person he had loved as much as his great-grandfather. After ten years, he couldn’t get her out of his head, Cheyenne.


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