Romance Weekly – April 29 #LoveWriteChat #Blog #Research

This week:  Research…how far will you go?


If you reached me by Carolyn Spear on the blog hop, thanks for continuing the tour.  The week’s author questions are from me. I am curious to see what my fellow authors will do in the name of research, prying for the obscure and maybe even sensual. My fingers are crossed.

What is the most unusual thing youve ever done in the name ofcars driving on the beach research for a book?

I did ask a friend who owns a Jeep if it was possible to have sex in the cargo area if the backseats were out. What a true pal, she actually asked her husband to give it a try!

As for me, I guess I’d say going to the East Coast Surfing Championships to photograph surfers.  Included in this post are some shots I took in the practice area where the surfers were relaxed and testing the waves.


Name a nonfiction book youve read for research that you wouldnt have read otherwise.  Not including writing craft books. Oh, let me see, The Roman Imperial Army, Fighting Fire, The Last Men Out, American Sniper, Outlaw Platoon, War and, War Dogs… Whooa, I’m  seeing a trend here.




If you could travel anywhere to do research for a book, including back in time or out of this world, where would you go?


My first novel was set in ancient Rome and I really wanted to see the Coliseum, and other Roman ruins throughout Europe. Now that I’m writing contemporary, I’d like to take a tour of beaches of the world, like in the Endless Summer movie. Give me the purple pill and bring on the Margaritas!


Now, let’s see what’s the most interesting thing Jeana E. Mann has done for research.IMG_4194

21 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – April 29 #LoveWriteChat #Blog #Research”

  1. You have some very generous friends. I can just imagine the husband’s face when his wife asked him to do that. I bet he broke some kind of speed record when he answered. Gonna laugh about this all night long.


  2. I love your answers Dani but WOW! I love your pics even more! Those are awesome and I think that’s so cool you went to the championships!

    Good lord ever since I watched the SPARTACUS series I have thought about ancient Rome. They were so barbaric back then, I think I’d be terrified of actually visiting! LOL Unless I ran into Spartacus.

    And now I want a margarita. :0)


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