Romance Weekly June 3 #LoveWriteChat

This week: How do you handle critiques of the romance genre…

RomanceWeeklyThanks to Victoria Barbour for this week’s tough questions, and if you arrived here via Rhenna Morgan you’ve read her awesome answers.

fID-10090702_free digital_imagerymajestic Have you always written Romance?  I read many genres, but only write romance. Developing the deep emotion bond between hero and heroine while weaving in their sexual journey is satisfying to me as a writer. With life’s every day conflicts it’s nice to believe there’s a happily ever after.

How do you deal with critiques about the romance genre?

I assume this question is about those who put down the genre as a whole for whatever reason. There is good and poor writing within all genres. What’s interesting to me is that stories depicting murder and graphic violence are widely accepted. Yet, describing lovers during their most intimate moments is considered smut or deviant. The logic fails me.

What’s the one thing about our genre you’d like people to know? The HEA (Happily Ever After) genre contains so many sub-genres you’re bound to find one or more you’ll enjoy reading. If you like stories set in current day, try contemporary, inspirational, suspense, or paranormal. Historical includes, regency, ancient as well as inspirational, suspense and sometimes paranormal. Then there’s erotic and erotica and yes there is a difference. In the last several years I’ve seen sci fi emerge and as a trekkie, I’m excited about this newer category in romance.

Escape the day to day with romance! Hope you’ll swing by my tweet and blog buddy, Susan Peterson Wisnewski to see what she has to share.

15 thoughts on “Romance Weekly June 3 #LoveWriteChat”

  1. So true, Dani. Why is it okay to dismember things and not okay to deal with sexual intimacy. Could it be an old double standard raising its ugly head?


  2. Dani – You’re right with the comment you made with Collette. People go see “chick flicks” all the time and no one gives them grief for that. Well, okay. Maybe the guys do. 🙂


  3. You make a very valid point. Why is it okay to enjoy a story about a serial killer but if you’re caught enjoying a good steamy romance, oh the horror!!! Loved your answers!!!


  4. I love how many different sub genres there are in romance. I’ve been thinking that the problems some have with romance is that when they read about sex somehow they are transported back to an immature preteen who snickers behind their hands about it. I tried to read a love scene to my hubby one time and it was hopelessly awful 🙂 he couldn’t stop laughing.


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