Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentence Sunday

Weekend Warrior WritersToday on Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday, I’m sharing from my current work in progress about a former military K9 handler in search of his dog.

Another hot as shit day making tracks on the moon dust of Afghanistan, Josh Daniels held the leash slack as Luc stared ahead, pointed ears tracking forward. The dog’s military grade flack vest only made the heat worse.

Luc continued sniffing the trail ahead, alert for any movement, or aberration indicative of an IED. Josh allowed his buddy do his job in the utmost efficiency he’d come to respect as Luc’s way. He was ready to go home, but not to leave his K9 brother in arms.

With Josh’s tour finishing in a couple of months, it didn’t seem to be soon enough for Tina. She’d already started e-mailing photos of platinum engagement rings. How in the hell, he’d ever maintain her style of living without taking the proffered job at Big Daddy’s company, he didn’t know.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentence Sunday”

  1. What a great setup. Dani. It looks like dog vs. girl, and the dog is a better companion already. 🙂 Great 8!

    I just glanced over “14 local secrets”. I didn’t know about deflating the tires. The next time we visit (hopefully fall of 2016) we want to drive on the beach southeast of Hatteras lighthouse. Will be back later to read the post in depth. 🙂

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  2. I held my breath reading this snippet, Dani. You know how much I admire your writing. This touches me in a way you can’t imagine. My book, She Didn’t Say No, is a story with a K-9 and his pack. I’ve written other books where dogs are a close part in the lives of the family. Is this finished?


    1. Thank you so much Charmaine! I just started this in January. Hope to have it finished by summer, cuz I need that day job to pay the bills 😉 I’ll have to check out your book!


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