Weekend Writing Warriors – Hot as Blazes: Revelations

WWWOn this week’s Weekend Writing Warriors, I’m continuing this week with a snippet from my newest release Hot as Blazes.

After some trouble in California, Jo Mercer’s pro surfing career has tanked. She has just arrived home at the oceanfront beach house where she grew up and runs into her brother’s best friend, and her secret crush. Ray’s unexpected romantic gestures knock her off kilter. She’s also scared to reveal the real reason she’s returned home. Last week we ended with them agreeing to catch up over some beers.

As his beastly SUV disappeared from the driveway, her heart finally slowed to a normal rhythm. He never knew how much she’d loved him during high school nor would he ever. Besides, how would he feel when he learned the truth as to why she’d been kicked off the surfing team?

She slipped her cell from her pocket and dialed a California number.

“Santa Cruz probation office,” a receptionist answered.


His all-terrain tires hummed against the pavement as Ray navigated the beach road on autopilot, his brain playing catch-up. The mad tattoo in his chest subsided as he replayed the last few minutes. She was home. Lost in eyes the shade of his favorite scotch, he’d used all his strength to turn and leave.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s excerpt and will check out the many talented authors on the blog hop. Weekend Writing Warriors.

Hot as Blazes is available at all major

e-book retailers. Also available in print.

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