Hot as Blazes for Weekend Writing Warriors #werwriwa

WWWWelcome to my post for Weekend Writing Warriors. This week I’m highlighting ten sentences from my opening scene of Hot as Blazes.  A down and out surfer returns home and runs into her crush from high school. He happens to be her brother’s best friend.

Outside, the shower door slammed and Jo secured her sunglasses heading down the deck stairs. Broad back muscles stretched the Nags Head fire department logo on the man’s shirt as he racked his surfboard.

Behind a pair of wraparound shades, he eyed her and said, “Bobby’s gone for the weekend.”

Her dad had been a captain for Nags Head. “Yeah, I know, how were the waves?”

His smile seemed familiar as he whipped off his shades and closed the distance, shouting, “Jo!”

“Ray?” She nearly toppled from her platform flip-flops as huge biceps wrapped her in a bear hug that left her toes dangling and his touch shot through her veins like straight whiskey.

“Bobby didn’t mention you were coming home, Dahlin’.” His pale blue eyes held her captive and his southern twang brought her home faster than a jet from LAX.

Speak tags and some creative punctuation used to get this in ten. Hope you’ll check out the fantastic authors on the #wewriwa hop! Thanks for stopping by.  For more of Hot as Blazes, check the excerpt.

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