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My nine year old laptop is still chugging along.  It was state of the art at the time and I love it’s 17″ monitor, but the thing weighs more than my kid did when he was born.  The time has come to upgrade and word on the street is the savvy  iPad might soon replace the PC.

At the rate Apple and Microsoft are going, our computers and phones will be plugged into our brain synapses before long.  Yet, we’ll still be driving around in gas combustible vehicles.  If only the computer industry would turned their attentions to transporation for a moment . . . Beam me up Scotty!

Act of Valor = SEALS kick ass!

Act of Valor = SEALS kick ass!  Not everyone will like this movie.  It’s a realistic glimpse into what the men and women of our military do to keep our country safe.  Act of Valor was a thrill ride of guns and high-tech gadgetry that also took in the human side of war.  It’s not always pretty or fair.  Love and war have their simularities.

But I must admit I wanted to see this movie because I respect our military, and from swords to bullets, warriors intrique me.  All though I write romance, I enjoyed  Sabastian Junger’s book, War and American Sniper.  Both interesting reads that delve into the worlds of those who put it all on the line.  The shop talk on weaponry was to say the least, eye opening.  I could see naming my guns…hell, I named my truck!

Hope those that can handle the truth check out Act of Valor.  With a finally salute to our miltiary guys and gals, and also those in the alphabet branches of our government – Stay Forever Strong!

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