Paperback Dinosaur

While browsing the last surviving chain bookstore in our area, the supposedstack of paperbacks largest selling genre (54% of the market), Romance, was housed on shelf space only slightly larger than the bookcase in my living room.  And the selection of titles at the big box stores have dwindled to near nothing as well. 

Most readers realize the entire  publishing industry is in a huge transition.  According to a recent article in Publisher’s Weekly, consumers are demanding more electronic reads, yet publishers keep e-titles at the same price as paperbacks.   Whether or not it’s due to the publishers, the readers or the authors, it is glaringly obvious that paperback Romance is well on the way to extinction.

Don’t get me wrong, I love e-books, but shouldn’t consumers get a better price on them?  I don’t believe their rant that e-books cost just as much to produce as bound copies and comments from small e-presses support my opinion.  The music industry already went down this road and learned the hard way to sell music at a reasonable price to keep piracy down and attract more sales.    

Drop the price of e-books or give readers more bang for their buck.  Take a look at Mike Matas’ next generation e-book at TED.  

TV may not have killed radio, but the paperback will end up as a dinosaur…or at best at high-priced collectable.

9/11 Wear your Eagle

What can be said about 9/11 that already hasn’t been?  Probably nothing.  One’s things for sure, every American’s life changed in some way.  Loved ones still grieve for those lost and others carry scars, visibly and or mentally from their witness of that day.

 But in the face of horror, the passengers of Flight 93 showed true American spirit; they stood and fought for what they believed in.  Our military continues that quest to remove the threat of terrorism, so that we can go about our normal lives. 

 On that fateful day, hundreds of brave firefighters climbed the towers thinking of only those in need of their help.  None perceived themselves as heroes, only doing their job as they did every day. Three hundred forty-three of FDNY’s finest never went home.

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11 let us display our American spirit with pride and remember all those who gave their all, literally and without a second thought, for our country and us!


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