Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – Complications

wewriwa_square_4Welcome!  Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa, is a blog hop where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m sharing from a short story I’m currently working on and hope to use in an anthology. After agreeing to house sit for a change in scenery, Bowie, aka Bowden Bryce caught a red eye flight from California but arrived too late to late to catch a beer with his former SEAL commander.

After only a couple of hours and still on SEAL time, he’d risen before dawn. The bursting sun rays lured Bowie to set down his coffee and head down stairs for the surfboard Harley had left for him in the utility room. Before the beach goers crowded the surf, he could catch a few easy rides.

A petite woman in a black bikini stood at the water’s edge gnawing on a nail. Obviously not a high dollar manicure girl. Her gaze beaded on a man wearing a prosthetic lower limb as he paddled out on a surfboard.

Pretending not to notice, he approached the water and attached his board’s leash to his ankle.

Wearing a pinched look of concern, the woman stalked toward him. “He hasn’t surfed since he lost his foot and I don’t swim.”

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What kind of animal person are you?

RWWLogoThis week on Romance Writers Weekly blog hop, Brenda Margriet asks our group: ”What kind of animal person are you? Do you have pets? If so, how do they influence your writing, or don’t they? What is the most unusual pet you’ve had, either as a child or adult?”


My Facebook feed, is full of animal posts, likes and shares. I love dogs and cats and have had both. At one time my husband and I had four dogs and two cats! Now, we currently have our Leo. With only one pet, we can take him when we go on vacation even though he weighs as much as a small human. He’s a rescue and we were told he’s Plott Hound (NC state dog) and Chocolate Lab.

As far as animals influencing my writing,20160704_125034 I only recently added pets to a manuscript. I’m working on a story about a veteran military dog handler searching for his former K9 partner. He meets and falls for a woman who’s training a service puppy whom he also becomes attached. Having the puppy as a major part of the story has been a writing challenge. The dog is another major character and has to be incorporated her into most of the couple’s scenes. They need to interact like pet owners do at home and I’m constantly reminding myself, “Where’s the dog and what’s she doing?”

Image by Paul Brennan @ Public Domain Pics
Image by Paul Brennan @ Public Domain Pics

The most unusual pet I had as a child was a turtle, but wanted a horse. What I’d love to have now is a large salt water aquarium, but I doubt my skills to manage one. Like our pool, it’d probably another ongoing chemistry experiment!

If you haven’t already visited Marc Stevens
hope you’ll out his most unusual pet and please continue the hop to romance and sci-fi author, S.C. Mitchell.

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