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White Doe

White Doe is now officially for sale at the major e-book sellers! I wasn’t able to post an acknowledgement in the book, so I’d thank the special people in my life who have been instrumental in my writing career.

My son, known as Wolverine on his football team, is the light of my life and a sounding board for all of my ideas. He keeps me grounded and my vocabulary and point of view young. My husband, The Hemanus, (nicknamed by my son) never complains about my time spent writing. I’m sure he secretly prays for a screenplay offer one day so he can retire!

Thanks to Mother K, my first beta reader. She is an avid reader of all genres and encouraged me to keep writing. To Roxy for listening and to Laura K.―her renown red pen skills have taken me to a higher level. And last but certainly not least my faithful critique group at Chesapeake Romance Writers.

You can find my novella, White Doe, at Amazon –  B&N  – New Dawning Bookfair – Smashwords or Kobo in any format you favor. I love to hearing from readers, so please post a review or comment on the blog. Cheers!  – Dani