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Great Book Beginnings

RomanceWeeklyGreat Beginnings – A great opening line draws the reader in, makes them want to know more and compels them to read further. Today, on the Romance Writers Weekly blog tour, our authors are sharing opening lines, those we feel are great and why. Then we’re giving you a sample from our newest work in progress. In case you missed Raine Balkera, she was ahead of me on the blog tour.

Okay, I had to search some of my books as nothing came to mind. Here’s my top two and are actually from two of my favorite books.

“Olivia Quinn knew she was losing her husband when sheWhen Alex was Bad discovered his knockout junior partner caressing his crotch by the azalea bush.”When Alex was Bad – Jo Davis

What a hook! You can’t stop reading after this sentence. This book had the fifty shades vibe that should have gone viral, but it was published before e-books were prominent. I did hear that Jo sold the movie rights, so there’s still hope, especially if Fifty Shades of Grey hits it big in the box office.

My next favorite opening line…

“There are some men that enter a woman’s life and screw it up forever.” Once again, you have to know more. This author is world renown. Any guesses?  How about One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. Joe Morelli has been one of my book boyfriends for a long time. Too bad we never get his bad boy point of view. **Sigh**

Now the opening line from my current work in progress about a former military K9 handler, suffering from post-traumatic stress, who falls for a dog trainer helping him search for his dog.

640px-Iraq_dog“Another hot as shit day making tracks on the moon dust of Afghanistan, Josh held the leash slack as Luc scanned through waves of heat with pointed ears tracking forward.” 

What’d you think? Interesting to ho-hum. Suggested titles are welcome! Now on to Mishka Jenkins for her favorite opening line.

A Day in the Life of a Romance Writer

RomanceWeeklyThis week Xio Axelrod wants to know a day in the life of the Romance Writers’ Weekly authors. I certainly hope Carrie Elks in Great Britain has given you a thrilling scenario of her day in the life before you reached me.

I live in a suburban, east coast city rated in the top five of most boring in the US. Yeah.  I have a Monday through Friday day job in bookkeeping/clerical duties that borders on librarian for excitement.  To say I live vicariously through my characters is an understatement. I can’t deny that I’d love to be able to write full time, but work pays the bills.

broncosaurus2So, each day, I hop in my 1996 Ford Bronco and head for work. I’ve been offered the keys to a Porsche in trade. The guy probably wasn’t totally serious, but it was an offer all the same. Okay, so I was a little adventurous back in the day. My beloved steed is actually a character in my soon to be published novel, Hot as Blazes.

Back to my exciting day…lunch is usually for errands, research for writing, and sometimes a mind-clearing walk. After the day job, I return home to our simple ranch style house which is older than my truck by a couple of decades. Wish I could win one of those home makeovers. Any of you DIY shows out there want to showcase a struggling author???

Back on topic. If my son isn’t working or at a college night class, he andDog the mini black lab, who now claims baby status, greet me. I usually write, catch up on social media, or update my blog for an hour or so. Once hubs is done watching the news, one of us will play chef for the night. If it’s my turn to cook, it’ll be simple fare then back to writing the current work in process.

There’s not much time to watch TV during the week. I usually record my favorite shows for the weekend which includes Chicago Fire, Sleepy Hollow, Banshee and Hell on Wheels.  Gonna miss, True Blood and Sons of Anarchy who’s MC (motorcycle club) was a seed for my story about bad boy, Shane, in my novella, White Doe.

Life in suburbia is pretty mundane, but I try to kick it up a notch with my characters. That’s not to say there isn’t interesting and exciting moments. The edits on Hot as Blaze was like being on a six-week internal roller coaster ride. I have a wonderful editor but, “whew” am I ready from some languid writing days ahead. In fact, I just wrote about 500 words last night on my new novel about a former military K9 handler, suffering from post-traumatic stress, who falls for a dog trainer helping search for his dog.

Now on to Carolyn Spear’s day in the life!