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Weekend Writing Warriors – Sand and Sin

Happy New Year! Welcome to Weekend Warriors, a weekend post where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

Well, another has year rolled out the door.  I’m well into the  back nine as a golfer might say. Don’t feel the chill of winter yet but the leaves are starting to fall. Wish the pounds would! Comfort reigns over vanity.  Simplicity brings the most enjoyment, family, friends and writing.

In celebration of the new year and my newest release, I’m offering ten sentences from my brand new release, Sand and Sin.  I did post some from it a year of so ago, so it may seem familiar to veteran readers. Navy SEAL, Jax Taylor is all about the mission until a sassy bartender knocks him off course.

Through shimmering waves of heat, Jax Taylor sighted his target through the second story window shielded by ratty, threadbare curtains. He shifted on his makeshift snipe stand, an overturned crib he’d found in the bombed-out mud-brick apartment complex. If he bit the big one today, his uncle and brothers in arms would probably be his only mourners. The latter would throw an epic party.

After hours on watch, remnants of the crosshairs burned into his retina from the scope of his M14. On loan to the army for the last few weeks, he counted down the days to when his team’s deployment ended. He could already taste a cool one on the beach. The chilly Pacific would offer a perfect respite from the heat of this stinking hellhole where the only water in quantity soaked his desert camos as sweat. AK-47 in hand, an insurgent finally scaled the low wall and sprinted across the street for a building occupied by US troops.

Game on, bastard.

Sand & Sin_Cover427x640Check our the rest of the warriors at Weekend Writing Warriors. I also hope you’ll check out Sand and Sin.  Available at all major e-book retailers. amazonkindle, Apple, Google, Kobo, Nook


Trident Valor – Won 1st Place in a writing contest!

MI’m ecstatic! My military romance, Trident Valor won the erotic category in the “Finish the Damn Book” contest through Chesapeake Romance Writers!


Contest awards will be given out at the Pages to Publication writers conference in March. Here’s a pic of the “Rudy” I’ll get for my bookshelf. He’ll be on a wood base with the book title and author name engraved on a plaque. like a sports trophy for writers! 😉

Now it’s off to query this bad boy!