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Game On! Release Day

Game On! coverHappy Summer!  A perfect time for my newest release, Game On!

Heath Lancaster is the third Seaside Heat hero in my series and will steam up your summer.  Heath is happy to be on the practice squad of a professional football team, but instead of a lucky break taking him to the next level, a league-wide strike leaves him unemployed. Until he finds a new semi-pro league in Virginia Beach, where a bikini-clad hottie snags one of his passes on the beach and offers him a tour of the area . . .

A scandalous affair turned Jordan Kelly into media fodder—and in no hurry to get back into the dating game. But the easy going tight end of the new Triton’s team unleashes an inhibited wild streak in her and has her tempting him with a game of her own. But when
she finds out who the owner of the Tritons is, she’s wondering if she’ll repeat her mistakes…

Game On!  is a “heated” romance at four peppers rating.  Find the heat at:

amazonkindle  http://goo.gl/ThNHHw

Apple https://goo.gl/bqkDqZ

Google https://goo.gl/E3mgEY

Kobo  https://goo.gl/xWKpRX

Nook http://goo.gl/GAUP4o

Also get the first Seaside Heat romance, Hot as Blazes now on saleHot as Blazes_cover_New_series at 99¢.


Game On! – Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – Jun19

wewriwa_square_4Welcome!  Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa, is a blog hop where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m sharing from my novella Game On! which releases  this Tuesday, June 21!

Heath Lancaster was happy to be on the practice squad on an NFL team, but instead of a lucky break taking him to the next level, a league-wide strike leaves him unemployed.  A new semi-pro league in Virginia Beach give him another opportunity for work and love.  This week we’re in Jordan’s POV. She’s just saved her friend GiGi and herself from being clobbered by Heath’s buddy’s misaligned football pass. GiGi has just told them they need to share their brews and is flirting with Heath’s buddy. Edited a bit to made excerpt in ten sentences.

But of course, her model-looking friend was always first pick. Jordan handed the ball to the blond who was more to her tastes anyway. The stripe on his board shorts accentuated his well-carved butt.

He extended his hand and said his name, “Heath.”

“Miller?” Jordan asked. Almost as tall and as muscular as the pro tight-end, he was a definite hard-body and might have been threatening-looking if not for his endearing dimples and genuine smile.

He enveloped her hand with a firm grip. “Sorry, no. Lancaster is my last name, but you’d make a heck of a cornerback the way you picked off that pass.”

Electrified by his touch, her thoughts fired in directions she’d been dodging for months. “Jordan, sister to three older brothers and I can tackle, too, if necessary,” she said and grinned.

Hope you’ll check out Game On! It’s for sale at all major e-book sellers.  Now, please check out the amazing group of writers at Weekend Writing Warriors.









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