Game On! “Hit me with your best shot” #8Sunday #wrewriwa

Game on! is my new short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writers Warriors weekend_writing_warriorsveteransbadge_4#8Sunday. Please see the link below and check out many talented authors’ snippets.

Teammates of the area’s new pro football team, Heath and Dugan, are kicking back on a beach near their rental house after practice when they spy two hot girls.

“Looks like mommies’ day out with the kiddies,” Gigi grumbled.

“Says the huntress,” Jordan joked to her friend while leading them to the less crowded fishing area.

“I want confirmation this new bikini is worth the money,” Gigi replied thrusting out her breasts and swaying her hips from side to side.

A hurtling dark form seized Jordan’s attention. With honed finesse she snagged a spiraling pigskin inches from their heads, not flinching as the football stung her fingers with a slap.

Gigi squeaked, dropping her bag with their drinks.

“Sorry!” the intended receiver and hard body called out from the surf.

The passer grimaced at his foul. “Jesus, my bad!”

At least the receiver had the decency to look embarrassed as Jordan handed him the ball.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s #8Sunday from Game On! and will check out other authors at Weekend Writing Warriors.

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