Romance Writers Weekly Aug 12 #LoveWriteChat

This week: Humor and inspirational tools…

RomanceWeeklyThis week’s questions come from Fiona Riplee and hopefully you arrived here via Carolyn Spear. On to the questions…

comedyDoes humor help or hinder you in your creative process? If you mean does humor in my life help me write, then yes. I learned sarcastic humor while working at a male dominated company and use it frequently when writing. At home, wisecracks and made up words are a standard form of communication, so humor usually comes out of the blue when I’m writing dialog.

What is a favorite go-to book or movie you use to unblock a problem in your writing? My issues usually arise around the dreaded saggy middle. Unfortunately, it’s not only a writing dilemma but a physical issue for me as well. LOL.

I’m not much of a plotter, but I know where I’m moving toward andsharknado sometimes it’s difficult to bridge hunky-dory to the Sharknado event. It’s Shark Week couldn’t resist!  Anyway, there’s not always a book or movie for that ailment. Usually, it’s time to fill the well and be patient with my subconscious while a cure manifests.

What’s the most inspiring book you’ve read this week or month that’s generated a new idea? New ideas…mmm. Nothing I’ve read recently has me stoked. The new and popular TV series, The Last Ship, has me reconsidering a apocalyptic novella idea I had about a m/f/m ménage.

Hope you will continue on to Mishka Jenkins’ blog to see what tools she uses for inspiration.



22 thoughts on “Romance Writers Weekly Aug 12 #LoveWriteChat”

  1. I hear you about the saggy middle! That’s where I am in my current WIP, and it’s taking all my strength not to go back to the beginning and try and “fix” it! I know I just have to work through it and get out of the mire.

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    1. So agree! It is well written and a great show. I love that they have the military involved in this apocalyptic. Thanks for commenting! I’ve got to make rounds. Was out buying a new washer after work.


  2. Sharknado was so bad it was good. We just caught “the second one” this week as a family and died laughing. Hats off to Ian for getting some play time too. Great post dani. 🙂 ❤


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