Game On! A Measure of Trust #8Sunday

Game On! is my short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writing Warriors for #8Sunday. In this week’s eight, Jordan (an emotionally scarred teacher) and Heath (a semi-pro football player), who met recently, are having brunch in a small cafe. She’s just proposed a sexual game of exploring a body part on each date.

She plucked a biscuit from the basket on the table and asked, “I’m winging this can you tell?”

Her suggestive smile said otherwise. “Are there only physical levels in such a non-relationship?” he baited.

Reaching across the table, she squeezed his hand before continuing, “No, even sex buddies need to develop a measure of trust.”

He nearly choked on his piece of bacon as her words and sultry gaze awakened his cøck. Clearing his throat he asked, “Oh…kay, what do you need to know?”

She let go of his hand to fiddle with her fork. “For starters, what’s your favorite dessert…


Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s 8 for Game On! For more fun check out other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

If you enjoyed the previous snippets from White Doe it is 99c at Amazon.

5 Stars
on November 29, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Fantastic storyline, sensuous, bold, and captivating are only a few of the words to describe this book!!! I would have kept on reading no matter how long it took to read, but wished it had not ended so soon. I would love to read any sequels with the characters in it. I can not wait to read more from this author. I love a mix of love, sensuality, and paranormal!!

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