Flash Fiction – Kiss Me Slowly

RomanceWeeklyIf you arrived here via Xio Axelrod you know it’s Flash Fiction week for the Romance Writers Weekly crew! Here’s our inspiration pic.  Kissmeslowlytumblr_mwkuu4AeyW1skli52o1_500

Shadowed faces flickered in the light of the bonfire as Ray scanned the crowd dressed in jeans and hoodies. Rock music blended with the rumbling surf a few yards away. He’d always felt at home at his buddy’s beach house, but with Bobby’s sister away at college it wasn’t the same.

Tonight, Jo would turn twenty-one. He’d stolen a kiss from her on her sixteenth birthday on a nearby dune. And wouldn’t you know big brother, Bobby, appeared out of nowhere, probably sent by their dad. Ray dreamt of so much more, but loved Jo too much to press beyond that tender affection.

He’d taken for granted there was plenty of time to reveal his feelings before she left for California, but then her father suddenly died in a car accident. Bobby begged him not to confuse her. Let her fulfill her dream before interfering in her life.

portrait of young  coupleSo he let her go without a word… just a taste of her lips, plump and sweet with a hint of the sea. Her intake of breath revealed surprise. With slow determination he worshiped her mouth allowing her know he would be as thorough with her body.

Her lips responded, parting for his tongue to graze hers in a sensual glide. The only air he needed belonged to her. Lost in those seconds he knew he’d wait as long as necessary for her to return home and hopefully to him.

At the stroke of her birthday, he pressed her number on his cell. One, two, three rings. His heart hammered, losing hope.

“Ray?” His name sounded breathless.

“Happy birthday, Dahlin.”

“You remembered.” Her voice caressed his ear.

“Of course, we’re celebrating in your honor. Wish you were home.”

“Me too…so tell me…would your birthday kiss be as sweet as the one you gave me at the airport when you said goodbye?”

“How about I catch the next flight to Cali and let you decide.”

These characters are from my soon to be published novel, Hot as Blazes. This could be prequel scene before the book begins but would be wishful thinking on Ray’s with regard to her question about his kiss. She is as blind to his love as he is to hers and both are fearful of losing their long time friendship. Now hop on over for Fiona Riplee‘s story.

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