Game On! Leaving Hungry #8Sunday #flashfiction

Game On! is my short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writing Warriors for #8Sunday. In this week’s flash fiction eight, Jordan (an emotionally scarred teacher) and Heath (a semi-pro football player), who met recently, are have finished their first date where  she’s proposed a sexual game during his season in the area. Today’s body part was the lips and she’s just teased him with hers.

When she begged entry, he pressed her against the car, hip to hip, Jordan shivered at the bulge against her belly as his hot tongue met hers and explored. Her feet left the ground as he continued his sensual assault.

For a year she’d been in exile, avoiding the male species. Heath’s sexy kiss awakened the woman she’d hidden from the world. A hunger warmed her lower belly and spread. She wanted him. In a bad way.

“Wow, it’d be fun to work a little longer on that part.” He teased after his lips parted from hers.

Her cheeks heated in agreement. “I’ll call you.”

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s flash fiction for Game On! For more fun check out other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

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I loved the theme of the book. The lovers coming together after being separated for so long and having their love endure for ten years then growing stronger was awesome. Accepting who and what they are is a perfect example of how everyone should treat themselves and one another.

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