Game On! Scarlet Letter #8Sunday #flashfiction

Game On! is my short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writing Warriors for #8Sunday. Heath is a semi-pro football player in town for the season and meets Jordan, a teacher with obvious trust issues. She shocks him with a proposal of a sexual game. Fresh out of a bad relationship, Heath is all for a no strings season, but curious as to Jordon’s overt mistrust of men. This week’ 8 picks up they day after their brunch.

After practice, curiosity drove Heath to Google Jordan Perry while he ate lunch on the deck of his beach house rental. He clicked on the first link and dropped his fork as he read the newspaper article.

Richard Branscome, CEO of Bodies, a sports equipment chain from Richmond has been removed from the board for inappropriate relations with Jordan Perry, a teacher in Hampton Roads, and captain of a woman’s semi-pro lacrosse team sponsored by the corporation.

With a frown, Heath continued his search of Mr. Branscome who seemed to be a staunch supporter of women’s sports in the state. It didn’t take long to also surmise the man was a high-class pussy hound, hot after young female athletes. Somehow Jordan had gotten got caught in his web, and if he hadn’t been privy to similar situations while elbowing amongst NFL players, he might not have believed her innocent plea.

He distinctly remembered her scrutinizing his left hand as soon as they’d met, not to mention the intonation in her voice when she asked if he was married. She might have been gullible, but he didn’t believe her the type to knowingly carry on with a married man.

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s flash fiction for Game On! For more fun check out other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs./

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9 thoughts on “Game On! Scarlet Letter #8Sunday #flashfiction”

  1. what a terrific idea for a book. I agree with Charmaine- reading his thoughts plus seeing him on Google looking her up is cool


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