14 Local Secrets Every New OBX Traveler Should Know

As a life long vacationer to OBX, the place is like my second home and these secrets are true! Great post by Twiddy & Co!

Twiddy & Company Blog

Don’t buy your seafood at the supermarket. The beaches never close. Deflate your tires if you’re going to drive on the 4×4 beaches.

Some of these things may seem like no-brainers, but for a newbie to the Outer Banks, they could be game changers. Here are 14 excellent tips from folks that have lived here on the OBX for long enough to tell the tale:

14. Don’t buy your seafood at the supermarket:


Our Seafood markets get their fish right here on the OBX from Wanchese, the third largest seafood distribution center in the nation. It’s fresher, safer, more cost-effective, and more environmentally-friendly than buying from the supermarket.  Definitely don’t miss out the crabs, oysters, mahi, and tuna!

13. It’s 100% legal to have beer and wine on the beach:


Just remember we have family friendly beaches here so avoid glass, be nice, and clean up after yourself!  Don’t forget to pack some water in your cooler so you don’t…

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