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RomanceWeekly A writer’s space is the subject of the Romance Writers Weekly blog group this week. Elizabeth Jennette is asking about our muse’s haven and I hope you’ve been to her site as I’m following her on the hop this week.

Most times, I sit on the sofa with my laptop to write. I can’t stand the idea of being isolated in a room. That’s too much like the day job. Tuning out the TV is not that difficult, except when there’s a squealing goat commercial. LOL. What’s up with all that anyway?

When doing final edits, I’m more stringent and sit at the diningJo's Beach House room table. For me, the ultimate writing haven would be a house on the oceanfront with a wrap-around-porch. I’d also be cool with living in a celebrity type motor home and writing while traveling the country. That will never happen with my homelubber hubby, but one can always dream.

I enjoy burning candles when pouring out the muse. During this time of year, I’m particularly fond of Winter by Bath and Body. Anyone have an recommendations for a good spring candle?

Tech wise, I’d like to upgrade to a larger monitor. The laptop screen is too small when doing heavy edits. Plus it’d be nice to give my peepers some pampering now and then.

RaineNow let’s see Raine Balkera writing den.  Hope you’ll check out her book, Sing to Me.

Singer Liv Beckman thought she had left the horrors of her childhood behind, taking comfort in the safety of her reclusive existence. But, she thought wrong. When her first kiss walks into the recording studio, those memories and that kiss resurface to send Liv into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. Regrets compete with anger while a smoldering desire to reconnect struggles to crack the protective wall she’s built around her heart.
Liv’s reluctance to let it all go won’t make it easy for her very determined first crush to gain more than just her signature.





6 thoughts on “A Writers Space – Romance Writers Weekly”

  1. I’m so with you on the house on the beach. DREAM AWAY, JO. One day maybe. And you made me giggle snort with the mobile home idea. Although really, that would be pretty epic. You could write about every place you stop. LOVE IT.


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