Romance Weekly – Hot as Blazes Character Interview

We’re doing a short character interview this week on Romance Weekly courtesy of Xio Axelrod.  Hope you’ve already visited Veronica Forand.

Ray Andrews, is my Hot as Blazes firefighter hero in the novel of the same name I’m interviewing today.

Sitting in the big man’s recliner in my den, he makes it appear small. Two-hundred and forty pounds, he’s built like an NFL tight end.

“Okay, Dani, let’s go.” He leans forward, propping his elbows on his muscular thighs making me wonder where he finds jeans to them and his trim waist.

Yeah, sorry. First question…what’s your favorite word?

His pale blue eyes brighten as he slowly smiles. “It’s Dahlin. I gave Jo the pet name a long time ago. Before she knew I was in love with her.”

His easy Southern dialect would put anyone at ease. Your fondest childhood memory?

“Surfing with Jo and Christmases spent with her family. Her brother, Bobby and I were best friends for years before Jo and I got together.” He looks reflective a moment then continues. “Their dad, Cappy, was like a father to me. He and 9/11 are the reasons I went into firefighting.

Wow. You never told me 9/11 had an influence.

“Really?” He chuckles. “Didn’t I share that in my character outline?”

That’ll teach me for not finishing the thing. On to the next question. Name something in your past you wish you could do differently?

He leans back in the chair and rubs his chin. “It’d be to tell Jo I was in love with her before she left for college, but then it could have changed everything.”

True. Vanilla or Chocolate?

“Scotch,” he says laughing.

Figured that. Last question. If you could have lunch with one famous person (alive or not) who would it be and why?

“Hmm…probably sounds shallow, but I’d like to meet Guy Fieri. I like to watch his show on the Food Network. He actually held a family reunion on the Outer Banks once.

Yeah, that’s right you like to cook. Jo’s like me she’s not into the culinary arts.

“She has other talents…better talents.” He raises a brow.

LOL…got it.  Well thanks for the interview.

“Any time, Dani.”

Meet Ray and Jo in Hot as Blazes on June 9. Now, let’s see what Leslie Hachtel’s character has to say.



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