Weekend Writing Warriors – Home Sweet Home

WWWIt’s home sweet home this week with sentences from my steamy contemporary, Hot as Blazes releases this Tuesday, June 9.  I’m so excited about this coming home story about a young woman whose life has taken a bad turn. Excerpt in 8.

The dated Shaker-shingle beach house brought Jo Mercer to tears. She’d doubted ever seeing it again. After parking, she wiped her eyes and patted the dash of her dad’s classic Bronco her brother, Bobby, had left at the airport for her.
As she stepped out of the truck, a warm Outer Banks sea breeze kissed her cheeks. Dune grasses waved in welcome. Home. The only sweeter thing would have been a husky Dahlin’ from Bobby’s best friend, Ray.

Unfortunately, her stealth homecoming prevented opportunity. Ray was the last one she wanted to know her big California surfing dream had ended like a movie of the week crime drama.

Hot as Blazes is available at all major e-book retailers.  Amazon  B&N  All Romance

Hope you enjoyed this snippet and will visit other amazing Weekend Writing Warriors posts for #8Sunday.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Home Sweet Home”

  1. Congrats on the release, Dani. And… Ack! Poor Bobby, needing a friend so desperately and yet unable to admit that things fell apart. Think we can all relate to that feeling sometimes. Why do we do this to ourselves?


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