Weekend Writing Warriors – A Christmas Short

WWWEdits have been keeping me busy for my sports romance that will publish next June. However, I’d had this idea of doing a Christmas short just for Weekend Writing Warriors. Here goes.

The living room echoed as Jake trekked along the hardwood, empty except for his recliner and the TV. Her chocolate lab, Hersey, had always been more excited to see him home from deployment anyway. He’d miss her most.

He placed the fifth of Jack Daniels and his gear bag on the floor next to the recliner. Tomorrow, he’d grab his few belongings and head for OBX to help his brothers as a guide on winter duck hunting trips.

Jake unlaced his boots and dropped onto the recliner. With remote in hand he pressed the button and the flat screen lit up to a scene of Ralphie from The Christmas Story. He grabbed the bottle on the floor beside him. Perfect.

JaceDani_HotAsBlazesCheck back next week as this Christmas short continues. I want to thank all those who stopped to chat with me yesterday at The Ultimate Show for Woman at Virginia Beach. It was great to meet readers and I really appreciate those who bought one of my books.  And for everyone, my most current release, Hot as Blazes is on sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo for $.99.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – A Christmas Short”

  1. How cool that you’re doing a Christmas short for wewriwa! And glad to hear that the ultimate show for women went well!

    You’ve painted the scene well, and introduced just the right amount of information (I think) to keep a reader reading.

    Two things jumped out at me. Sinking “into” the recliner.

    And as it’s written, I think the recliner has a remote. Might just be me, though.

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