Weekend Writing Warriors – A Christmas Short – Excerpt 3

Weekend Warrior WritersToday is the third installment of a Christmas short I’m writing for Weekend Writing WarriorsFor previous excerpt.

Icicle lights illuminated the expansive liquor display.  A bartender in a crisp white shirt and black vest nodded and spun a red napkin on the bar in front of Jake.

Whiskey“Double bourbon on the rocks.” He slid his Real Tree jacket onto the back of the chair, pleased the guy read his taciturn mood, then checked the time and Ducks Unlimited Facebook page for the list of items being auctioned. Living a Spartan life style during deployment and coming home to an empty apartment had him seeking old comforts like a dog and gun. No dogs for sale, only a gun.

You going to the auction?” a woman asked sliding onto the chair next to him.

Guess the hunting jacket was a dead giveaway. He slammed back the bourbon that had landed in front of him and turned toward her.

JaceDani_HotAsBlazesCheck back next week as this Christmas short continues. FYI my current release, Hot as Blazes is on sale at All Romance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo for $.99.  Feel the heat ;)

12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – A Christmas Short – Excerpt 3”

  1. lol @ Ed’s comment.

    You really paint a scene, Dani. I was there. Could here the bourbon splashing in the glass, could see that red napkin. Then I got a glimpse of a hunting dog near a saltwater marsh…

    Nicely done!

    No snippet for me this week.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Many blessings to you and yours. 🙂

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  2. Wow, how elaborate a scene you paint here! I’ve been in enough of these bars and seen enough men like him to immediately picture him sitting at the bar. It comes to life right off the page. Excellent work! 🙂

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