Weekend Writing Warriors – A Christmas Short – Excerpt 4

Weekend Warrior WritersToday is the fourth installment of a Christmas short I’m writing for Weekend Writing Warriors.

A brandy colored gaze burned into Jake as hot as the whiskey searing his belly. The combo nearly stopped his heart. “Sammy.”

“Your brother said I’d probably find you here,” she said smiling.

Ten years later, he  found her western jeans and brown suede

Creative Commons TRombone65 PhotoArt Laatzen
Creative Commons TRombone65 PhotoArt Laatzen

hunter’s vest sexy instead tomboyish. He hugged her and let her light citrus fragrance bring him home. “Thought you’d moved.”

“And moved back home a year ago.” She ordered a beer and another round for him. Brushing her dark hair behind her ear revealed purple highlights, hinting her nonconformist nature remained.

JaceDani_HotAsBlazesCheck back next week as this Christmas short continues. FYI my current release, Hot as Blazes is on sale at All Romance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo for $.99.  Feel the heat ;)

12 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – A Christmas Short – Excerpt 4”

  1. Very nice! Did you mean to repeat her ordering a drink and another for him. Made me think this was a flash back followed by present day-ja vu. Left me a bit confused.


  2. Ooh, intriguing. Does anyone other than me always find a surprise reunion supremely awkward? I mean, it’s obvious that he found her less-than-attractive in the past (if all he saw was a tomboy), so how awkward would it be to suddenly TOTALLY have the hots for someone you knew as a kid? That can lead to all sorts of fun dramatic situations.

    Thanks for sharing!


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