Weekend Writing Warriors – A Christmas Flash Fiction Excerpt #6

Another installment of the Christmas short I’m sharing on Weekend Writing Warriors.

Christmas time and at the end of his military service, Jake Reagan returns from deployment to an empty apartment.  Single again with his lease up, he plans on wintering on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his brother and work as a duck hunting guide. His first night there, he runs into an old flame at the hotel bar while waiting for the annual Ducks Unlimited auction to begin. While catching up, she tells him she’s divorced and her son only visits her during summers.

Duck hunting dog hiding in a blind

“That must be tough,” Jake offered thinking it’d been hard enough to leave his dog when he joined the military.

She waved him off. “So, you’re going to help John on hunting tours this winter, I hear.”

“It wasn’t you, you know…it was just―”

“You needed to see the world beyond this sandbar, Jake,” she said without a resenting tone.

“And what I valued most, I left behind.”

Sammy arched a brow and slid a warming glance down his body. “What are you looking to bid on at the auction?”

He’d bid his last penny for another chance with her. “I need another gun,” he said and shotgunned the rest of his whiskey.

Check back next week as this Christmas short wraps up. FYI my next short novel, Sand and Sin releases on December 22.

Jax is a SEAL all about the mission, but a sexy bar owner has enough saucy wit to drive him off course.

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