Weekend Writing Warriors – A Valentines Day Short

Welcome to my Valentine’s Day post for Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m taking a break from, Sand and Sin for a snippet of a Valentine’s Day short. A woman surprises her lawyer fiancé who’s working late on Valentine’s Day and finds a Youtube moment.


Lindy maneuvered the enormous bouquet of red and silver, heart-shaped balloons from her old station wagon. Wouldn’t her serious, hard-working fiancé be surprised? They’d planned to meet for dinner after he’d finished some paperwork at the office.  Six months ago she would have never imagined making floral deliveries.  That was before the cable company farmed out their customer service techs to another country.

Skipping the elevator, she popped up two flights of stairs eager to see him.  The firm had already ended their business day, but the suite remained unlocked.  Only a single lamp lit the reception area. She skipped down the hall with the balloons bouncing against the walls and her head.  Quietly, she turned the door knob to Brad’s office.

Lindy’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t end on a bad note. Check out the rest of her story, Cupid in Camo.

Also check out the amazing writers at Weekend Writing Warriors.




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