What’s Your Must See 2018 Summer Movie?

Romance Writers Weekly with coffe cup underneath and a mocha foam heart in cupThis week on RWW, Jenna Da Sie asks, “Have you seen any good movies this summer? Write a review of one you saw. If you haven’t seen one, tell which one you want to see.” Hope you’ve already visited Leslie Hachtel.

This is up my ally.  I love movies!  I’ve been an action movie junkie  since a double feature Bond flick at the age of ten. More recently I’ve become a Marvel fan in part thanks to the heroes portrayal by the hunkiest actors in Hollywood.

Back to Jenna’s question of the summer movie I most want to see…Summer is flying by and I’ve only seen Deadpool 2 in May. It had some surprises, some sad and some happy. I love Ryan Reynolds in a comedic role. Deadpool’s  raunchy, humor, puns and innuendos  fulfills my sarcastic side.

cave man with wolfOn a  a humanistic note,  I’m also a dog lover and I want to see Alpha.  Who was the first human to befriend canine ancestors?  Loyalty knows now bounds with now thousands of years connection. It will probably make me cry like most dog movies, but I’ll endure.

Back to the action must haves… Mission Impossible. I need to see Tom Cruise jumping the building where he breaks his leg and continues to finish the scene.  That’s giving your all.  And as a special forces fan, I want to see him doing a real Halo jump.  Respect.

I could go on, but let’s hear Brenda Margriet’s  must see summer flicks!



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