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This week on Romance Writers Weekly the question is: “I love daily mantras, they get me through the day and almost always gets me through tough times. What gets you over the hump of a really bad day?”

Picture: All Creative Commons Bing - Meditating on the sand with mountains in the background as sun rises

Interesting topic this week as I’ve recently taken up meditating in the morning. I don’t have a chant per say while I’m meditating, however, I made up a little pray or mantra years ago. Not long after my son was born. whenever I’d start to obsess and worry, I’d say to my self, “Safe, healthy, happy family.” I still revert to this when I’m worried or stressed.

I’m You-Tube browser and recently stumbled upon a video by Joe Dispenza. I went on to buy his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. It talks about all the negative mind speak most of us do and how it only short-circuits the bounty of what the universe is capable of sending our way. In other words, you receive what you’re sending out.

These days, I’m in serious need of changing my inner voice. Thinking healthier to be healthier as well a navigate the unpredictable upcoming changes at work.

Now on the the next RWW author on today’s blog hop Jenna Da Sie. In case you missed A.S. Fenichel please drop back to see her mantra.

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