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4th Of July Cocktails “Merica” Style

We’re on our beach vacation this week. I’m asking Romance Writers Weekly Authors to post their favorite summer cocktail or thirst quencher and your favorite place to drink it. A few years ago on vacation, we made cherry bombs. Soak Maraschino cherries in Fireball and Vanilla Vodka then rolled in blue sugar and dunked in melted white chocolate. Watch it, they’ll sneak up on you.

2019 Cocktail “Merica” Style

This stars and stripes themed cocktail concocted by my son starts with Red White & Berry Vodka.

Add the new Liberty Brew Mountain Dew. Over ice, as a snow cone or put in blender for a smoothie, tastes like a firecracker Popsicle. It’s also easy to take down on the beach.

Usually, I just like whiskey on the rocks when it’s time for a cocktail, but in the summer, I like a Margarita or two. Chi Chi’s Gold mix and a cap full of 1800 Silver Tequila kicks it up a notch! Spinning around on a float in our pool is my favorite place to drink this thirst quencher. What’s your favorite summer drink?

Now on to Brenda Margriet If you missed the lovely Leslie Hachtel, please take a step back on the hop.

Fan Fiction on Romance Writers Weekly

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FAN FICTION :  Stories involving popular fictional characters that are written by fans and often posted on the Internet —called also fanfic. This week on Romance Writers Weekly, Jo Richardson wants to know what fandom do RWW authors have a thing for, and what would we write if so inclined. Hope you’ve visited Tracey Gee’s blog for her fandom likes and wished her a Happy Birthday!

While recently checking out fan fiction on the internet for this post, I found a site listing 15 fan fiction sites so the genre is thriving.  Even more to my amazement Amazon introduced a fan fiction section called Kindle Worlds a couple of years ago. Authors may submit and receive payment for some fan fic stories. The giant entity works the deal with the copyright holder according to CNN’s 2013 article, Amazon’s “Kindle Worlds” lets fan fiction writers sell their stories.

StrikebackIf I chose to write fan fiction, I’d probably pick the Cinemax show, Strikeback. It’s about a couple of military bad-asses, Sargent Michael Stonebridge of British Section Twenty and the ever notorious former Delta bad boy, Damon Scott.

I’d make it a steamy action series entitled Blow Back!! LOL! To make the story more fun, I’d set it in the future where they could be intergalactic special ops teaming up with sexy alien females. For an opening scene…

“How’d we wind up playing security guard for the winged diva?” Scott cast a glance to the green fairy like songstress belting out a rock opera tune as she hovered over the stage on huge iridescent wings.

Stonebridge straightened his bow tie, grateful he and Scott were under cover. The guards standing out in front of the stage wore short jackets and jodhpur pants like riders would have worn on a fox hunt back home. Except they wouldn’t be in eye-popping pink and green. The whole show could have been out of the old Earth movie, Wizard of Oz. He nodded to Damon as they moved into position backstage. “And just think the diva fairy could pin you up against the wall with her ten foot wingspan.”

Damon laughed and pulled on his ear lobe, activating the implanted comms device. “Alien or not, I still get more tail than you my friend.”

Michale squinted. “Right, and tail is literal appendage in this space sector, buddy.”

Let’s we what Veronica Forand has for today’s Fan Fic day.