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Cocky Confessions: The Fairyland Murders by J.A. Kazimer

cocky confessions_tealKazamair_The Fairyland Murders_ebook (3)Today, I’m interviewing J.A. Kazimer’s hero, Blue Reynolds, from The Fairyland Murders on Cocky Confessions.

Welcome  Blue, tell us a little about yourself. I’m a PI. Yeah, it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds, so hold the applause. Most of my clients are fairies, and we all know how those winged-devils can be. My latest case involves one particular half-human, half-fairy chick with pink-wings. Her name is Isabella Davis, but I call her Izzy. She’s fairly well known in Fairyland, mostly because she’s their go-to gal for pilfered teeth, also known as the Tooth Fairy. We met after her fairy ‘uncles’ hired me to solve her apparent kidnapping. I wasn’t too sure to think about her at first, but she kind of grew on me, like that damn wooden kid with that nose.

LOL. Do you have a fetish? If so, what is it? Wings. I have a thing for wings.

Wings are very cool. Do you rely on your physical prowess or your intelligence to attract a lover? Intelligence? Really? Chicks dig that? Can’t say I know many princesses looking for a price charming with a big…brain. I do all right in the lady department. My blue-hair and other ‘attributes’ keep the princess crowd coming back for more.

It that a natural shade or does only your stylist know? Just kidding. What’s something you’ve done that could have landed you in prison? I’ve been in and out of the joint a few times, mostly when a case goes sideways and I have to fry an informant or two. Did I mention I’m cursed? No? Guess I should’ve said so before now, but here it is, if I’m not wearing protection (leather gloves outside the bedroom, electrical tape within) as soon as my skin makes contact with another, they end up with upwards of fifty thousand volts rocketing through them. Sometimes my curse comes in handy. Then again, my dates often complain about third degree burns on their things after a midnight rendezvous.

So you’re a shocking lover.  Where were you when you lost your virginity? My cherry got popped when I was 14, right there in Sister Mary’s room at the orphanage. Mind you, I wasn’t doing Sister Mary, not that she didn’t look hot in her nun’s habit.

Love living on the edge, too.  😉 How do you stay fit? Whiskey. Lots of it. Purely for medicinal reasons, mind you.

What’s the hottest thing a lover has ever said to you? Izzy once asked, “How do you feel about dental floss?” And then she proceeded to tie me up in her favorite minty brand. Of course, she right after she tied me up, she left the apartment. Took me an hour to gnaw my way free. Not quite the happy ending I expected.

You’re funny. What intrigues you most about your lover? Besides her pink wings? I dig the way you never know what she’s thinking. Or if I’ll survive the night.

Do you have a hobby? Who has time for hobbies? I’m too busy trying to make enough dough to keep in living the fairytale.

Name your most comfy article of clothing? My really big gun.

Sounds like it’s needed in your line of work. What’s the most interesting place you’ve taken your lover? While working the Fairyland Murders case, we spent quite a bit of time in Fairyland. Not that it was all that interesting. Up until a crazed serial killer tried to murder both of us. My missing tooth still aches when it rains. Izzy says I have to take her someplace nice next year. I wonder how she’d feel about a trip to Wonderland?

A favorite place you’d like to travel. I always wanted to visit Wonderland, strictly for research purposes. You know what they say, what happens in wonderland…usually takes a shot of penicillin to cure.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? I’ve been searching for a way to end my curse since the first time I burned down Our Lady of the Tramp Orphanage when I was 8. It was an accident. Sometimes I just have no control over the electricity burning inside me.

Great interview, Blue.  Hope you  rid your curse and Izzy and you have some easier times on the way.


Blue Reynolds knows the darker side of New Never City–the side that’s hopped-up on fairy dust and doesn’t care if your house gets blown down. Rent’s due and his PI business is all but make believe. But even Blue shudders at having to chase after Isabella Davis, a freckle-nosed redhead five feet tall on her tip-toes…if you don’t count the pretty pink wings.

Izzy is tough, and sneaky, and not too thrilled with the idea of being the new tooth fairy. The last six have been most gruesomely extracted. But Blue has a feeling that whoever is killing the tooth fairies is worse than your standard big bad psycho. The fairy council is hiding something. The Shadows are moving out into the light. And Blue is saddled with a shocking power that could take out half of New Never City…



J.A. Kazimer is a writer living in Denver, CO. Books include The Junkie Tales, The Body Dwellers, CURSES! A F***ed-Up Fairy Tale, Holy Socks & Dirtier Demons, Dope Sick: A Love Story, SHANK, Froggy Style: A F***ed Up Fairy Tale, The Assassin’s Heart, and The Fairyland Murders. Forthcoming novels include The Lady in Pink and The Assassin’s Kiss.

When Kazimer isn’t looking for the perfect place to hide the bodies, she spends her time surrounded by cats with attitude and a little puppy named Killer. Other hobbies include murdering houseplants, kayaking, snowboarding, reading and theater. After years of slacking, she received a master’s degree in forensic psychology, which she promptly ignored and started writing novels for little to no money.

In addition to studying the criminal mind, Kazimer spent a few years spilling drinks on people as a bartender and then wasted another few years stalking people while working as a private investigator in the Denver area. You can find her online at jakazimer.com or on facebook, much too often, at https://www.facebook.com/JulieAKazimer.

Buy links:

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Fairyland-Murders-J-Kazimer-ebook/dp/B00LGZ9JL4/ref=sr_1_3?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1416260945&sr=1-3&pebp=1416261149185

Barnes & Noble – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-fairyland-murders-ja-kazimer/1119908501?ean=9781601832627


Cocky Confessions – The Girl He Knows

cocky confessions_tealthe Girl he knows


This week on Cocky Confessions, we have Kristi Rose with her hero, Hank, from The Girl He Knows.

Hey Dani, thanks for the letting me showcase my hero, Hank. It’s a lot of fun hanging out with him. Hank is an intelligence Officer in the United States Navy which means he’s a part of special forces but he’ll tell you that sounds more glamorous than it is.

Hank’s the older brother to Gigi- who just so happens to be Paisley’s best friend. Paisley is the love of Hank’s life. He’ll tell you that he’s loved her since he was ten and watched her punch a boy out for being rude to her sister. They have a one night stand and Hank sees it as an opportunity to get Paisley to see him as something other than Gigi’s brother and to finally tell her how he feels. But Paisley’s changed since her divorce. Fear and poor decisions still rule her life. Hank can only hope it’s not too late and she’s still THE GIRL HE KNOWS.

Glad to have you, Hank. Let’s start with who’s your best buddy? What do you guys do when bromancing? I’d have to go with some of the guys I went to the Academy with. Surge Barkhouse is my man. We can both see something, look at each other and communicate our thoughts about what we just saw all without uttering a word. He’s had my back more than I can count and I hope he feels the same about me.

Tell us something no one would believe about you? Large or small. I’m not a thrill seeker. I don’t need to bungee off buildings or anything like that. I suppose having a job where I analyze risk all day has made me less of a daredevil.

Interesting. Is there a specific body type, hair, or eye color that attracts you? Does Paisley meet the criteria? Well, considering I like women in general- any type works for me. I want them to fit easily, meaning we have to be comparable in height. But honestly, Paisley has always set the bar. I love her long legs and her crazy red hair. I love her laugh and her loyalty. So yeah, she meets the criteria.

What’s the one thing you’d never tell her?

Holy shit- her hair is everywhere. She brushes it and gobs of lose strands float off into the stratosphere and likely affect aviation function, winding it’s way around jet engines. It’s clogging up my sinks, strands attach to my clothes and stay there forever, and it’s EVERYWHERE.

Yeah, but I bet you like grabbing a handful from time to time. *winks* What worries you the most? I going out of town a lot. It’s called TAD- Temporarily Assigned Duty- and when this job is over and I go back to being on a ship- I’ll deploy a fair amount. Some deployments last a year. That’s a lot to ask of the person you love. To wait, be patience, handle being lonely and scared with limited contact because that’s just how it goes sometimes. Then if you get married and you have children- well- that complicates things even more. The divorce rate is high.

What’s one your lover or potential lover can do to totally turn you off? Ha, not much. But cheating on me would pretty much do the trick.

Do you rely on your physical prowess or your intelligence to attract a lover? I rely on my sense of humor which is likely a product of my intelligence. I’m not knocking physical prowess but I have as fairly risky job where I could be seriously injured at any point when I’m deployed. If the girl goes for my physical prowess and I become physically handicapped- well- what then?

There is that. Where were you when you lost your virginity? A field on the north side of the town I grew up in. The girl’s parents owned land and a barn and we both gave up or virginity among the cows, a deer and on a bed of hay.

Having spent some summers on a farm, I know about sneaking off to the hayloft. What’s your method of travel, motor vehicle, motorcycle, horse, etc. And is that vehicle per say special to you. I have a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. That’s my preferred mode but my truck is my backup.

A Harley…nice. How do you stay fit? I run between 7-10 miles a day and I like to swim.

Whew, that’s a lot of running. Name a favorite piece of clothing to remove from your lover? All of her clothing. I love to remove it all. Okay, she can leave her shoes on, if they’re heels.

*smiles* Most interesting place you’ve taken your lover? Well, let’s see. I’ve taken her in my parent’s house. Her apartment, my house, in my backyard, in a park, in my truck, in a closet at a party. Hell, I take her any chance I can get. Wait―that’s not what you were asking was it 😉

*laughs* No, but I like your answer. What’s the hottest thing she’s ever said to you? Again, Hank, Again.

You’re my kink of hero, Hank! Thanks for having me Dani. I was a pleasure being here. If you want to get know what Hank looks like check out my Pinterest board: http://www.pinterest.com/krosewheeler/the-girl-he-knows/


“Wanna get together again next weekend?” he asks.

I swivel my head to look at him. “Are you serious? No, I don’t want to get together next weekend. This”—I gesture in the space between us—“cannot happen again.”

“Why not?” He grins and wags his eyebrows.

“It’s a disaster in the making.”

“What do you mean?”

“Jeez, where do I start? This whole thing is wrong. My friendship with Gigi, our friendship. It could all go up in smoke. Is it worth it?” How does he not see this?

“I’m just talking about going out together.”

“Sure, you make it sound harmless. But the last time we got together it led to sex. When I get around you, my judgment gets out of whack and I might do something stupid.” OK, perhaps I should say I might continue to do something stupid. Stupid has already come and gone.

“As I see it, if you’re gonna do something stupid, who better with than your old pal Hank? I can think of a thousand stupid things to do together.” Does he really think it’s that simple? He turns toward me, rests his hand on the top of my seat, and gives me a toothy grin.

I want to laugh or shove his shoulder because he’s being flippant but he needs to know where I’m coming from, that I was once broken.

Kristi Rose
Author photo courtesy of Magnolia Photography-Boise ID

Author Bio:

Kristi Rose was raised in central Florida on boiled peanuts and iced tea. She’s lived by an active volcano, almost fallen off a mountain, and eloped in Arkansas. Today, as a proud military wife and mother of two, she’s been lucky enough to travel the world. No matter where she is, she enjoys watching people and wondering about their story? That’s what Kristi likes to write about: everyday people, the love that brings them together, and their journey getting there. Kristi is a member of RWA.

Social Media:

Website/Blog: http://kristirose.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kristi-Rose/364071883695814?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Krosewrites

Goodreads Author: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8256034.Kristi_Rose

Goodreads book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22268970-the-girl-he-knows

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/krosewheeler/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103783595428165613010/posts

Hope you’ve enjoyed Hanks and Kristi’s visit and will check out The Girl he Knows

Buy Links:

Amazon book: http://www.amazon.com/The-Girl-Knows-Kristi-Rose-ebook/dp/B00KYUNEHM

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/?field-keywords=978-1-61650-560-8

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Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-girl-he-knows-kristi-rose/1119847721?ean=9781616505608