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A Mid-Winter Healing – Carolyn Spear

midwinterhealingToday I’m spotlighting Mid-Winter Healing, a Wiccan Haus novel by my RWA chapter mate and friend, Carolyn Spear with co-authors Sara Daniel and Leigh Daley.

Wiccan Haus is a shared world paranormal romance series from Decadent Publishing.

Alina Argal hopes to mix in a little pleasure when she visits her childhood friend, Sarka Rowan, at Wiccan Haus. She badly needs a boost to her battered ego following a humiliating breakup of her arranged engagement to Thad Yates, the eldest son of one of the most powerful magical families. A little R and R at the lighthouse should help her get her feet back under her. The last person she expects to find sharing the small lightkeeper’s house with is Thad’s brother Sean.

Long the black sheep of the family for being born without magic, Sean Yates has always gone his own way. A former Army infantry officer, he now suffers a slight limp and PTSD. His one desire is to win Alina’s love now that his brother is out of the picture. But is he really?

Will Alina open herself to the one brother she needs and deserves or marry for duty?


Alone in the lightkeeper’s quarters, Alina immediately kicked off her shoes. Ahh, so much better! Hiking up her skirt, she found the garter tabs and undid them. The silk stockings slid down a few inches. She rolled them down and threw them next to the heels. The garter belt had to go, so she reached around under the skirt, the cool air inside the house chilling her exposed legs. The damn thing hooked in the back, so it was difficult to hold up the skirt and manipulate the fasteners. Impatient to get the torture device off, she yanked it around to better get the job done.


After a deep breath, then another, it was time for the wool dress. With both arms over her shoulders, she only managed to lower the zipper one inch. Switching to one arm twisted behind her back, she still could not budge it farther. Was it stuck?

She turned, much like a dog chasing its tail, trying to reach a bit further. Maybe after a glass of wine….

“Can I help you with that?”

She started, adrenaline sending an electric shock through her arms, tingling her fingers. Her heart skipped a beat before she took a deep breath and turned.

A man with an insolent smile tilting his firm lips leaned against the doorway into the kitchen. With a trimmed beard a shade lighter than his mahogany shoulder-length hair, he seemed unsurprised by her presence.

She wished she could say the same. What was he doing there? Was he there to guilt her into the same decision as her family? The last person she’d expected to find at the lighthouse was her ex-fiancé’s brother.

Carolyn Spear writes paranormal and contemporary romance. As a kid, she dreamed of being Samantha and Jeannie. You can find her at http://www.carolynspearromance.com/ and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CarolynSpearAuthor/


Guarding his Heart – Carolyn Spear #romance #paranormal

guarding heartToday I’m hosting Carolyn Spear’s hero, Trevor Green, from her release, Guarding his Heart in the Wiccan Haus series. Welcome Trevor. So happy to meet you!

Thanks, Dani for inviting me today. This really isn’t my thing- socializing but I promised Cassie I’d play nicely. I’m much better at blending into the background, you know, better for protecting my charges.

How did you meet your heroine? Cassidy Sinclair is my mate. She was my 6-year-old charge’s teacher.

Tell us something no one would believe about you? Large or small.  Really? Well, I’m what a Watcher. Native Americans call me Elder Brother or the Big Man.

A watcher, interesting…What’s the one thing you’d never tell Cassie? I’d never tell her to shave. It would be hypocritical.

LOL! What’s one thing your lover or potential lover can do to totally turn you on? Look at me. That’s all it takes.

Well that’s easy. Do you rely on your physical prowess or your intelligence to attract a lover?  Before Cassie, it was all physical, scratching an itch. Lots of women love tall men. My Cassie, she knows how to put me in my place and I gotta say, I love every minute of it.

Is there a specific body type, hair, or eye color that attracts you? Does your current lover meet the criteria?  I don’t have a “type” but a woman who is comfortable enough in her body to let loose, damn that’s sexy. Cassie owns me.

What’s your occupation? I’m a bodyguard for high ranking members of the Syndicate.

I see…what worries you the most? The bastards in the new radical anti-Syndicate faction. That they will attack Cassie again. It would be the last time.

I can see you’re a take care of business type. What’s a sexual fantasy that your lover would never agree to? Sharing. I don’t share well. No menages for me!

Don’t blame you there, I’m the jealous type. Well I hope yours and Cassie’s story is a Wiccan Haus hit.  Glad you stopped by today.

Thanks, Dani. Here’s the blurb and excerpt for Guarding his Heart.

School teacher Cassidy Sinclair’s sanity is questioned after claiming to see her hero appear out of thin air. Her savior dies in her arms after intercepting a gunshot meant for her and her student, Allan Branson. The only person who believes her account is the boy’s father who arranges her one-week stay at an exclusive holistic healing spa called the Wiccan Haus off the coast of Maine.

Trevor Green, a paranormal, is recovering—again—from gunshot wounds at Wiccan Haus. His body battered and his confidence broken, he is tasked to protect the woman he almost got killed. The one he’s fantasized about for months and who thinks he’s dead.


“What happened?”

What happened? He inhaled a calming breath and counted to ten, aware that Cemil and Cyrus had joined Sage and were awaiting his answer. Well, not Cemil. He was just being polite. As a telepath, he’d already read Trevor’s thoughts.

“She was determined to come back here and I had to stop her.”

Cemil grinned. “The best you could come up with was decloaking her dead savior right in front of her?”

“Yeah,” he snarled, “it was.” Cassidy stirred in his arms and he tightened his hold keeping her close. He savored the innocent intimacy and hated himself for enjoying it.

Dana stood between the two elevators. “Your room or hers?”


He nodded toward Sage as he waited for the third elevator, the one reserved for the humans. Somehow, these siblings had charmed the elevators so that only humans could use the one designated to go to the third floor and only Paranormals could use the second floor elevator. The first elevator was reserved for the siblings alone. No one knew where that one went.

“I could use a key to her room.”

“How will you get there?” Sage asked, though he was sure she knew the answer. As always, he would wait patiently, cloaked, for his opportunity.

“Don’t worry about me. Just get me the key. She’s not going to be an easy one to keep an eye on.” The elevator pinged and Dana escorted him to the third floor.

In the privacy of the elevator, he pressed his lips to her hair. She wouldn’t know, but he would remember the silky strands caressing his cheek during the long lonely nights.

He needed to concoct a believable explanation for materializing out of thin air without threatening her sanity. Or his secret.

About the author

Once upon a time there an only child who grew up with a single Cspearmother in a rural Virginia county. This curious, bright girl, full of imagination, often roamed in her mind to far away places she’d read about or seen on television. Now, decades later, she appreciates the slow, steady ritual of suburban life as a wife and mother of two similarly whimsical girls. The trips are still frequent, only now she records them to share with others. Enjoy!


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