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The official start of summer has begun and romance is in the air. What tales of summer love do any of your characters have to share? Leslie Hachtel asks this question of our Romance Writers Weekly authors.

My brand is Seaside Heat, so most of my novels are based on summer love. Hot as Blazes is a friends to lovers story about a down and out a surfer who returns to home at the beginning of the summer season.

In Sand and Sin, a SEAL returns to his home base and falls for a local bar owner who’s ex can kill his career.

In Game On! a semi pro football player rents a beach house during the summer practice season and meets a fellow beach lover. The teacher he falls in love with has a past that intermingles with his new team.

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So if you’re in to literal beach reads, check out my books which are available from all major e-book sellers. Next on the hop is A.S. Fenichel.

Romance Writers Weekly: Book Covers

Author, A.S. Fenichel, wants us to talk book covers this week.  We are to  pick three of our covers and tell  the process for the design or if traditionally published, our first impression of our shiny new cover.

My first cover was by a small publisher and the artist gave me whLegend's Promiseat I’d asked for, which was probably not the best thing.  It was too busy and didn’t show well as a thumbnail. I’ve since regained rights for the novella, changed the title and self-published with a new cover.

I designed this cover with the help of Photoshop, creating the winged tattoo.  I’m proud of it and believe this cover is more in tune with the story.


Hot as Blazes is the first cover Kensington created. My first impression was, “he’s shirtless.” Awesome! I would have like more of a six-place but love the color combo and they way they worked the title and my author name into the pic.

This is my second novel written (after the first that will never see the light of day) and is my favorite book thus far.

The third cover I’ll present belongs my SEAL story that started with a working title of Trident Valor. The publisher thought it sounded like a paranormal read. MySand and Sin writing buddy and friend, Georgiana Harding, came up with Sand and Sin  and Kensington selected it from a list.

First thought was “nice bod.” I like the cover and colors but wished they’d forgone the tattoo over his heart . SEALs prefer anonymity  and wouldn’t put their “Buds” symbol on their chest. In the story, the hero actually had an eagle on one of his shoulders.

I am one of those who judges a book by it’s cover.  If it doesn’t catch my eye, I probably won’t even read the blurb unless someone has recommended it.  I’m also a snob about false advertising. If you you have half naked people on the cover, they better get naked in the book and preferably more than once! LOL.   Now on to Leslie Hachtel  who has some lovely covers.