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Romance Writers Weekly: First Kiss #LoveWriteChat

RomanceWeeklyThis week’s blog hop is about dishing on a first kiss. My own was rather lacking and hoped you might better enjoy this fictional kiss from my WIP novella, Game On! Hope you’ve checked out  Vicki Mixon’s kiss already, now here’s mine:

Bowing his head while glancing at his plate of bacon and eggs, Heath asked, “So, you really want my body? Or is this about proving to GiGi you’re over your ex?”

She frowned and paused as their server refilled their coffee. “That’s a failing grade on you psych eval, Mr. Lancaster. “I’m a take me as-I-am kinda woman.”

“Duly noted.” He studied her.

“Back to your question. The answer is absolutely, but I’m not in any hurry. Anticipation is part of the fun.” She passed him a subtle wink.

His nostrils flared. “What body part is first in your little game?”

“Your lips.” Her tongue glide over her own.

Heath’s baby blues consumed Jordan like the hottest flame. From there, their brunch ended quickly and they made their way to the parking lot.

Maybe it was his southern charm, but he put her at ease. She’d initiated the sexual game as a test, but his subtle blush roused her inner animal, inciting her to play.

Unlocking her car, she couldn’t help drooling over his tricked out Jeep. Maybe she could talk him into taking the bad machine to OBX for a ride on the beach? She’d be willing to do something special for him. Damn, she was getting ahead of herself. They hadn’t even kissed.

With him so close behind her, she bumped into his bulk as she turned to say goodbye. His clean scent washed over her like a wave, reminding her of the ocean. Straight, masculine lips parted as he caught her staring.

His hand snaked around to her waist bringing her against him. The man felt like solid wall of muscle. One she’d like to climb up and ride.

Her breath hitched as his body warmed hers. She darted her tongue to lick her lower lip in a teasing gesture.

The blue of his eyes darkened as he leaned closer.

She inhaled slowly with her eyes barely open, sweeping her cheek across his jaw in a slow sensual glide. Meeting his lips, she nibbled, then roved her hands over his broad shoulders, before clasping her fingers behind his neck.

As she traced her tongue along the seam of his lips, he seemed to fight the urge to control the kiss, allowing her to remain in charge…until she toyed too long.

Before she begged entry, he pressed her against the car. Hip to hip, Jordan shivered at the bulge in his shorts as his hot tongue met hers and explored. Her feet left the ground as he continued his sensual assault.

For a year she’d been in exile, avoiding the male species. Heath’s sexy kiss awakened the woman she’d hidden from the world. A hunger stirred in her lower belly and spread. She’d never been attracted to athletes, but this semi-pro football player had her head spinning.

He smiled after his mouth parted hers. “Wow, it’d be fun to work a little longer on that part.”

Her cheeks heated in agreement aa she reached behind to open her door. “I’ll call you…”

Rhenna Morgan‘s kiss is next. Hop on over.


Romance Writers Weekly: Flash Fiction – Aug 19 #LoveChatWrite

RomanceWeeklyThis week is a sample of of flash fiction from our authors using the words, candle, chocolate and scarf. Hope you enjoyed Jeana E. Mann’s story now here’s mine:

Two long, red silk scarves floated from the glove box as she clumsily snatched the registration and handed it to the officer. As he returned to his car, a ticket seemed a minor inconvenience.

Her husband’s car had been the last in the driveway as she rushed out of the house for her hair appointment. She refolded what appeared to be sex toys, tucking them out of sight. He’d never used them on her. Chocolate and candles were all she rated.

The officer returned, leaning close. His searing blue gaze warmed her. “Rough morning?”

“Not even good enough to be bound and gagged.” She laughed half-heartedly knowing he’d seen the bindings.

“Maybe you’re more a cuffs woman.” He raised a brow.

“Maybe?” She smiled.

Winking, he palmed her a small card. “Your warning.”

It read, Cuffs-N-More Fantasy Club. She sized up his hard-body physique. “See you there?”

woman in mask“Unless you like wearing a blindfold.”
* * *

Hope you enjoyed this teaser and will check out Rhenna Morgan‘s snippet.