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Romance Writers Weekly – Author Bio

RWW bannerThis week on Romance Writers Weekly, Victoria Barbour is asking for an author bio. If your life was a romance novel, what subgenre would it be, and why would your hero be amazing? Also, what would you call it? Can you write a blurb for it?

My life would in a genre entitled Suburban Boring. Sigh…not everyone can live a starlette’s life.  I’m a fat hamster who climbs on the work wheel Monday through Friday and writes on my off time for enjoyment.

My grizzled hero loves to cook and plays pit crew boss on our aged fleet of SUVs. We’re constantly asked if we want to sell our pristine 1996 Ford Bronco. Hubs answers with, “You’ll have to pry it from my wife’s cold, dead hands.” Yep! I love my truck.

I’d title my life story Small Comforts.  Blurb: A young girl who loved to write stories never believed she’d marry, or have kids, but becomes a loving mother and a published author despite some disappointing setbacks .

Hope you have visited our newer member,  Marc Stevens, who was ahead of me this week. Continue the hop to Jenna Da Sie.


Flash Fiction: A Photographer and Insurance Agent Meet

RWW bannerThis week on Romance Weekly – Fiona Riplee asks for a flash fiction of five hundred words or less  for a cute meet between a professional photographer and an insurance agent.  Check out Fiona’s post who is ahead of me on the hop. I already had an idea for a steamy to erotic story about a photographer on the Outer Banks of NC, so this post helped me write the heroine and hero’s first meeting:

bigstock-Surfer-In-Studio-3798270During the final heat, McKenzie held the shutter button, snapping shots of both surfers ripping through the waves using amazing cutbacks. She’d need to up load the pics to her editor before dinner time to make the deadline for the current issue Surf Zone.

After removing the elephant gun lens, she clicked on the standard lens for some casual pics of the competitors gathered around the judges’ area. All young and hot. She sighed in memory of the wild times you used to have at the competition after parties.

Now pushing thirty-five, she’d just a beer, offer congrats to the winners and upload the shots that paid the bills rather than be labeled a cougar. A least she hadn’t resorted to getting a cat…yet.

Before she turned for the crowd, another surfer caught the biggest wave of the day. Mesmerized she admired his grace and confidence. Not a hotshot, but definitely a worth some digital space on her card. She rushed to the shoreline and zoomed in with the fifty-five to two hundred fifty millimeter lens.

After he finished a set, she waited as he waded from the shallows.

“Nice rides.” She grinned.

He swiped a hand to his short hair that had started to gray at the temples. Dark lashes outlined his ice blue eyes. “Nothing like those guys.” He smiled, nodding to the group wearing numbered surf shirts.”

“I’m McKenzie Pratt.” She extended her hand.

“I remember.” He grinned, accepting the handshake.

Shit. She’d partied hard, but she’d always remembered names and faces. And she’d definitely remember his hot body. “Refresh my memory.”

“Kyle Tate. I used to compete, but I was also the insurance agent when you had your camera equipment stolen about a dozen years ago.” He unhooked the board leash from his ankle.

“Back when agents actually saw the customers about claims.” Talk about having matured. Lord, he found the weight room and learned to groom his sexy stubble .So what was he doing now, besides making her drool?

“Yeah, it was more interesting then.” He winked. “I switched to handling annuities and also run wild horse sightseeing tours in Corolla.”

“Yeah? I’d like to get some pictures while I’m in town.” And spend some time sightseeing him.

“You staying on Hatteras tonight?” He checked his watch.

She placed the lens cap on her camera. “I gotta upload today’s pictures to my editor and then I’m headed back to my sister’s in Nags Head.”

“How about dinner at The Dunes?”

She knew the place. How could she say no? “Sure, then I can book a tour to catch a tour to see the ponies tomorrow.”

“Let me get my phone.” He motion for her to follow him. “I’ll make is a personal tour if you like.”

She liked the innuendo and knowing glint in his gaze. “Personal is always better.”

Next on the hop is Jenna Da Sie. Let’s find out how her photographer and insurance agent meet.