Romance Writers Weekly – Author Bio

RWW bannerThis week on Romance Writers Weekly, Victoria Barbour is asking for an author bio. If your life was a romance novel, what subgenre would it be, and why would your hero be amazing? Also, what would you call it? Can you write a blurb for it?

My life would in a genre entitled Suburban Boring. Sigh…not everyone can live a starlette’s life.  I’m a fat hamster who climbs on the work wheel Monday through Friday and writes on my off time for enjoyment.

My grizzled hero loves to cook and plays pit crew boss on our aged fleet of SUVs. We’re constantly asked if we want to sell our pristine 1996 Ford Bronco. Hubs answers with, “You’ll have to pry it from my wife’s cold, dead hands.” Yep! I love my truck.

I’d title my life story Small Comforts.  Blurb: A young girl who loved to write stories never believed she’d marry, or have kids, but becomes a loving mother and a published author despite some disappointing setbacks .

Hope you have visited our newer member,  Marc Stevens, who was ahead of me this week. Continue the hop to Jenna Da Sie.


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