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Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey

tieE. L. James announced on Monday that Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax in Sons of Anarchy, will be Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film. I hope they take a poll at theaters to see how many are attending the film to see Charlie or are there because of the book.

Not only is Charlie handsome and looks the part, blue eyes and all, if you’ve ever watched Sons of Anarchy, you know he’s an awesome actor.  I was disappointed at who was cast as Joe Morelli for Janet Evanovich’s, One for the Money. I liked the actor just not him in the part. And I certainly hope the dude they picked to play Jamie in the Starz series of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander hits the gym, because his Google images don’t reflect a strapping Scotsman.  A movie deal and great casting is something a romance novelist dreams of when published. E. L. James has hit the jackpot with Charlie Hunnam playing her hero, Christian Grey.

For fun, I’ll pretend to cast my soon to be published novella, White Doe. As Shane my shifting hawk hero, I’d pick werewolf pack leader Joe Manganiello of True Blood.  For my heroine and former erotic dancer, Cheyenne, I’d pick Roselyn Sanchez of The Game Plan.

What other actor would you have chosen as Christian Grey? If you’re a writer, who would you like to see as your main charactors?