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What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving

RomanceWeeklypumpkinsmSince this week is Thanksgiving, the authors of Romance Writers Weekly are sharing what we are thankful for this year. Ahead of me on the tour is  Raine Balkera and I hope you’ve visited her post.

I’m most thankful for my family, our health, gainful employment and a roof over our heads. As well as living in a free country and eternally indebted to those who serve and protect us.

With regard to my author life, this year brought new and exciting events for which I am thankful and wowed. In January, the Romance Writers Weekly blog group formed. Usually, I’m a watch and see kinda girl, but I dove in the first week with the rest of the initial members and have been amazed how much I’ve learned from blogging with them and from being a part of such an awesome group.

In May, Lyrical/Kensington offered me a contract for my contemporary romance novel, Hot as Blazes. This has also been an amazing experience with all those at Lyrical Kensington and my awesome editor/psychologist, Penny Barber. She’s probably happy she’s almost done with me 😉lasagne

Usually we have Thanksgiving with my husband’s family, but this year his father’s health issues prevent a gathering. I’m no chef, but I do make a mean lasagne which will be our entree this year. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now it’s time to pass this Thanksgiving-a-thon over to Kim Handysides.