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Eleven years ago on 9/11 the sky was a vivid blue… my son was in kindergarten.  IHeart was at work when my manager came down the hall and said her brother had called and a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center Towers. Instantly, I was back standing on the observation deck gazing over NYC.  Although my visit was years before, I felt connected to these buildings.  I’m sure anyone who had ever visited the towers or the Pentagon feels the same.

Today on 9/11 my son drove himself to school.  The sky was as clear as it was eleven years ago as I made my way to a different employer.  Everyone’s lives have changed and we have had to move on, but we must never forget.

Americans cannot afford to become complacent with each passing anniversary of 9/11 .  Vigilance is a must to keep our country secure in the world today and one only needs to glance back into history to confirm that a strong military presence is mandatory.   Expensive?  Yes, but when one considers the alternative…

America is not immune the fate of other fallen countries.  Jobs, health care, social security, and the rest won’t matter if the USA ceases to exist.  NEVER FORGET 9/11.


Magic Mike

Magic Mike, the male stripper movie, starring Channing Tatum, finally released the long awaited trailer.  The movie is supposed to be taken in part from Channing’s stripper days.  So that’s where he got those dance moves for Step Up! According to the trailer and some of the reviews, between the dance scenes, Mike falls for a friend’s sister, and of course, the girl next door can’t deal with his job.  I guess the scriptwriter and Soderbergh didn’t think women could deal with a total beefcake movie that didn’t include a love story.

That’s all well and good, but women planning to see this movie are expecting a feast for the eyes of hot male bods and will be disappointed if the flick doesn’t deliver.  The other cast I can’t wait to see in near buff:  Jo Manganiello, of True Blood, a total Hemanus, and of course Matthew McConaughey never disappoints.

Might not beat the Chippendales in the flesh, but Magic Mike could the next best thing.