Magic Mike

Magic Mike, the male stripper movie, starring Channing Tatum, finally released the long awaited trailer.  The movie is supposed to be taken in part from Channing’s stripper days.  So that’s where he got those dance moves for Step Up! According to the trailer and some of the reviews, between the dance scenes, Mike falls for a friend’s sister, and of course, the girl next door can’t deal with his job.  I guess the scriptwriter and Soderbergh didn’t think women could deal with a total beefcake movie that didn’t include a love story.

That’s all well and good, but women planning to see this movie are expecting a feast for the eyes of hot male bods and will be disappointed if the flick doesn’t deliver.  The other cast I can’t wait to see in near buff:  Jo Manganiello, of True Blood, a total Hemanus, and of course Matthew McConaughey never disappoints.

Might not beat the Chippendales in the flesh, but Magic Mike could the next best thing.

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