Nickelback Burning Down Virginia Beach

Nickelback @ Va Beach via my son’s iPhone

Hell may be hotter than the Virginia Beach Ampitheatre was last night, but I doubt it is more humid.

That didn’t seem to bother Nickelback as they began assaulting their sauna drenched audience with This Means War and then whipped us into a frenzy with Something in Your Mouth.

This is the second time I’ve seen the band in concert and they have yet to dissapoint.  Chad is a witty front man who can joke about the expensive bra thrown on stage as well as the difficulty of deciding which of his thirty-five black t-shirts to wear.

I’m not a recent bandwagoner; a fan since How You Remind Me in 2001 their style drew me back into music after being engrossed in mommyhood.  Nickelback is a mix of the metal and grunge bands from my youth and can balance ballads, an occasional pop song while remaining true to the grittier tunes that made me a fan.

Three years ago I took my son.  It was his first concert.  This time he drove me.  Next time he probably won’t want me tagging along unless…he doesn’t want to catch a nose bleed on the lawn section… Being older with money in the bank does have some advantages…like bribing your kid with a $100 seat!

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