Fifty Shades of Grey

The novel Fifty Shades of Grey has been the buzz around the office for the last couple of weeks.  Women who would have never admitted reading a romance novel, much less something they consider erotica, and with BDSM!  They don’t know the terms, but they’re gasping.

If they only knew what sits on my bookshelves.  Holy Crap!  They probably would … But regardless of my opinion of the book, I hope it brings readers in droves, scouring Amazon, B & N and other e-book sellers for more of the same, and better.  I think these women (and men) will be surprised at how much more the Romance genre has to offer.

Harry Potter and Twilight inspired teens and young adults to read, maybe Shades of Grey with have a simular affect adults who haven’t picked up a novel in years.

Dani Jace

5 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey”

  1. This was about my reaction to the little I know about the story as well. I may not like the male lead’s reasons for changing his behavior at the end- as a dominant person, I’m not a fan of the whole true love conquers all and the person is no longer the dominating jerk that they were now that they’re cured. But if it gets people reading, experiencing new stories and getting romance out of the guilty pleasure territory then it’s all good I guess.


  2. I am not really into BDSM tales, however I have to say that I honestly loved this one. This was those types of books that keeps you glued to the pages; staying up reading into the early morning. I found it to be absolute addictive which is really disturbing for me personally.

    This is not your typical boy meets girl let’s date and fall in love romance. Christian wants to dominate Anastasia and he wants her submissive. He comes up with a contract that he wants her to sign. She’s torn between her love for him and her fear of him.


      1. And that makes perfect sense, since in a new situation I’m sure plenty of us are afraid of that fall.


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