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RomanceWeeklyIn today’s Romance Weekly authors answer questions about the strange, the exciting and the cerebral aspects of their writings.

What is the weirdest question you have been asked about writing?

Since I write under a pen name, most people don’t know I’m an author.  I did have one guy ask, “Do you write that woman’s porn stuff?”

I replied, “Hell yeah! Now on your knees, monkey boy!” **cracks whip**

No seriously, I write steamy contemporary and some erotic shorts, but. I’ve discovered people who don’t read romance lump it all into one category, if they recognize it at all.

What has been the most exciting thing about your writing career so far?

Thus far, being published has been the most exhilarating experience along with my first cover. I may not be a dominatrix, but I am a cover slut. I adore the cover of my debut novella, White Doe. The cover artist included every aspect I asked for and even a little more as my heroine’s ample cleavage proves.

I do suggest authors have a blog/website and be active on social media to have their name in cyber world before being published. Promotion and cultivating a fan base is delicate act with so many writers vying for readers and I’m still learning…

Do you get your story ideas from real life or real people? If not, where do they come from? 

Sometimes from real life events, other times the idea comes as a concept or character from film or literature that inspired me. I wrote a short story about a real life event that happened to my husband before we met which would get a four hot pepper rating.

Professions involving action tend to play into my characterizations. Intrigued by firefighters, I turned my washed up surfer heroine into another type of adrenaline junkie in my prepublished novel, Hot as Blazes. Currently, I’m working on a military romance.

Hope you had fun reading my blog today and will hop on over to check out author, Nina Mason’s answers. Return next Tuesday to Romance Weekly where writers answer more readers’ questions. I love comments or if you have a question you’d like answered, please leave a message.

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