White Doe: Sipping whiskey at the Black Raven 8#Sunday

Weekend Warrior Writers

Set-up: Shane is a shape-shifting hawk mourning the recent loss of his great-grandfather who was a shifter like him. Feeling lost and along he takes a short flight along the beach to ease his body’s warring cells. Afterward, he visits his local haunt The Black Raven…

WhiskeyPerched on a bar stool at The Black Raven an hour later, straight whiskey burned his belly along with guilt for not heading to his Great-Great Aunt Nona’s. His great-grandfather’s sister was also the tribe’s medicine woman and the only other person privy to his secret.

Their tribe held to the belief that they were descended from the Croatans who had welcomed the first colonists. Tribal lore mentioned shifters, but Shane didn’t consider his ability a gift.  He wouldn’t have returned to the barrier islands of North Carolina after his military stint if not for his love of his great-grandfather.

“Yo bro, where’ve you been?” Jim landed on the stool beside him, jarring him from his thoughts. “Got a new woman, or have boat overhauls picked up?”

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s snippet and will hop over to other Weekend Writing Warriers‘ blogs.

9 thoughts on “White Doe: Sipping whiskey at the Black Raven 8#Sunday”

  1. Nice, slow and steady character building. Good 8!

    I was at the outer banks in October. We were blessed to spend a week there. What a great setting for a story and it sounds like you’re going to infuse a bit of local lore and history into it. I’ll like that. Beautiful place. We’re saving now for the next family vacation there. Now, I see on your sidebar that you have the winter lights at the Elizabethan Gardens. Woot! My hubby and I spent a long afternoon there in October, too.Going to check out that post. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Teresa. We only live a short distance from OBX and vacation there each summer. I grew up visiting the Outer Banks, so it’s like a second home. Because of that, I’ve chosen to make if part of my brand and work some of it into everyone of my stories. Thanks for stopping by!


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