White Doe: Brothern 8#Sunday

Weekend Warrior Writers

Shane is a shape-shifting hawk in conflict with his true nature. While having a drink at his local haunt, his friend Jim arrives and asks where’s he’s been the last few days… 

Shane glanced at the brawny man clad in a black leather Pirate’s vest. His shaven head gleamed in the tavern’s dim light. With a linebacker physique and piercing blue eyes, he had his pick of women but never kept one for long. Jim claimed to be a lone wolf. In that way, he and Shane were alike. They were closer than most of the motorcycle club brothers, but he never dared to tell Jim of his freakdom.

“I should have called you, Jasper’s heart stopped this afternoon.”

Jim’s heavy hand landed on his shoulder. “Sorry, bud. Anything I can do?”

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Right now White Doe is on sale for 99c at Amazon. Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s snippet and will hop over to other Weekend Writing Warriers‘ blogs.

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