Romance Weekly – March 11 #LoveWriteChat

This week … what books influence my writing and my favorite shoes…


When someone finds out you’re an author, how do you handle the statement, “I have a story you should write?”

That’s usually my son, pitching a new adult story and I tell him to write it.grimace I’ve encouraged him to write a screen play since he loves movies. Others have suggested that I write a story about where I work. I like my job, but NO! Writing is an escape from my day to day.

Do you write what you read?

bulldog wearing eyeglasses sleeping over a good novelFor the most part. I like reading action oriented romances. My favorite author is Jo Davis’ and her series, The Fire Fighters of Station Five. I also enjoy reading Lori Foster and Lora Leigh. Outside of romance, I read non-fiction military, like American Sniper, Outlaw Platoon, Trident K9 Warriors, and No Easy Day. I’m currently engrossed in Fearless at the moment. I respect, admire and thank our country’s military folks. Without them, shudder to think…

People often mistake the lifestyle of a writer as glamorous, give us the scoop, what about your lifestyle would shock your readers?

I work full time and my house was built in the seventies. The year of the vehicle I drive predates the second millennium. It is a classic, however, and I made a character in one of my books. I write flip-flop casual heroines and wouldn’t know what a pair of Manolo Blahniks are, except for having watched HBO’s Sex in the City.high heels 

Thanks to J J Devine for this week’s questions. Next trip on the blog hop is Amy Jarecki. Check out her new release, Captured by the Pirate Laird which on sale today for 99¢. Hope you’ll take the full tour and see how each of our Romance Weekly authors answer. If you have a question you’d like answered, please leave a comment.


18 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – March 11 #LoveWriteChat”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Dani! Wow, you do read prolifically. I find with the business of writing, I don’t have as much time for reading. I’ll have to work on that. It’s sooo important!!


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