White Doe: Surrounded by Women 8#Sunday

 Weekend Warrior Writers

Shane is a shape-shifting hawk in conflict with his true nature. In last week’s snippet he arrived to pay his respects to his great aunt Nona after the loss of his great grandfather. In her kitchen he finds two other women from his past.

“You left before I could get to the hospital. The nurse said he didn’t suffer. She didn’t lie did she?” Nona pleaded with tears welling.

He spared her details. “No ma’am. It’s a shock, but he didn’t linger.”

Shane tried to accept his own words as he smoothed his hands over the tops of her round shoulders. When he finally glanced at two other women, he grimaced.

“I’m sorry, Shane,” Tegan offered, sensing his aggravation.

Tegan was Nona’s granddaughter and Cheyenne’s mother. Cheyenne’s mother who had moved back to help Nona a couple of years ago, but he’d never forgiven her for taking his Chey away. Shrugging at her apology, he turned his sights to the blonde standing beside her.

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Right now White Doe is on sale for 99c at Amazon. Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s snippet and will hop over to other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

14 thoughts on “White Doe: Surrounded by Women 8#Sunday”

    1. Wow! Thanks for buying. I can’t tell, but you’ll find out next week. I will say nothing is easy for him at first! Thanks for continuing to visit.


  1. I like how Shane tried to soothe them — and himself. He sounds deeply hurt, but is trying to smooth it over.


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