Romance Weekly – March 4 #LoveWriteChat

This week – themes and more…


Do you have a recurring theme in your work, either intentional or unintentional? What is it and why do you think you chose that particular theme?

Coming home or finding home occurs in almost every story, but it’s not always a physical journey.  Sometimes is about about finding acceptance. Like their creator, my characters may wish to fit in, but they also refuse to change their core beliefs and who they are to be accepted. Trust is another prevalent thread in my work. Again that relates back to me. I am of the belief that trust is earned. I didn’t consciously choose a theme and only recognized these trends after several manuscripts.

Do you carefully plot your stories, or do you plot as you write? Why do you think this particular ethos works for you?

I started writing fan fiction which turned into a novel, so there was no plot. After multiple rewrites on several manuscripts, I’ve taken the “plantser” approach and use a basic outline. I’m not a writer who likes to know every piece of a story.  Allowing my sub conscious free reign delivers many surprises I could never plot. It also provides a feeling of freedom and the illusion I’m in control. 😉

Is there a particular genre (within romance) you could never write? Why?

There’s a saying, “Never say never.”  The last romantic genre I’d be interested in writing would be suspense. I don’t have the mind of a sleuth nor do I usually read the suspense genre. I’m an action movie junkie and enjoy including some of those elements in my stories.

Thanks to Meggan Conners for this week’s questions. Please take the next hop over to  Rebekah R. Ganiere‘s blog for her answers to this week’s Romance Weekly. Hope you’ll take a minute to check out her new release Dead Awakenings.


8 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – March 4 #LoveWriteChat”

  1. I never get the suspense tight enough. I love reading it when its done well, but can’t see myself doing it


  2. I like how your realization about your over-riding theme emerged after several books. I have ideas of what mine might be, but need to produce more material before it becomes clear.


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